Can domestic fry international crude oil futures? What should we pay attention to

The answer is yes, but it is troublesome to fry international futures in China at present, and the risk is relatively high. I hope to consider it carefully.

At present, in addition to the domestic ine crude oil futures, there are three international crude oil futures trading, namely, New York WTI crude oil, Brent crude oil and Dubai crude oil. These three crude oil prices are also known as the three "benchmark oil prices" in the world.

Because the international crude oil futures market belongs to the international market, the domestic futures trading account cannot be used with it. If you need to fry U.S. crude oil futures, you need to have an international account. This account needs to be opened directly to the U.S. exchange. If you want to be more convenient, you can also find an agent platform to help you open it. However, there is a risk of fraud and you need to be cautious. It is best to find some platforms with high reputation in the industry.

Domestic futures companies usually set up futures subsidiaries in Hong Kong to carry out international futures business in this way. Therefore, you may need a Hong Kong and Macao pass or passport, a Hong Kong bank card that can be exchanged for foreign currency.

The fluctuation of international crude oil is large, which is affected by many factors in the world, so it is difficult to predict. Once the direction is wrong, it is inevitable to lose money. The best way to avoid investing in futures is to avoid using more than 10% of the funds. Only by setting the risk within the acceptable range can we make a calm investment with a calm mind and remain invincible.

Here are some things to pay attention to.

  • Do not copy the top and bottom

The international futures market is changing rapidly. Don't speculate about the lowest price and the highest price in the international crude oil futures market. Most people think that the stock is simple. Can't you make a steady profit by buying at the lowest price and selling at the highest price? But in fact, very few people can. Such unrealistic ideas often become the root cause of losses.

  • Learn to be short

Frequent investment is the most common problem for retail investors who know a little bit about it, chasing up the price and killing down the price. But this practice often attaches great importance to luck, once the loss, will suffer a significant loss. Learning to be short is very important. If you are not sure, you'd better try to be short and wait for the opportunity.

  • "Crash" opportunities

The futures market is different from the stock market, for the futures market, "crash" is also an opportunity. The collapse of crude oil futures is often related to the international trend, which will be helpful to determine the investment direction.

Generally speaking, international crude oil futures are more risky than general futures. It's better to make investment within the acceptable loss range, properly learn about crude oil related knowledge, formulate investment plan suitable for yourself, calm down, and learn to learn from failed and successful investment.

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