Gold TD account opening process gold TD account opening precautions

Where should investors go for gold TD account opening? In fact, this problem is very simple, and there is no need to run around. Banks can do it.

Gold TD is a product of Shanghai gold exchange. With the cooperation of banks and Shanghai gold exchange, individual investors can open accounts and trade gold TD through banks. At present, the banks that can trade gold TD include Minsheng Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Shenzhen Development Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Guangdong Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Hengfeng bank, China CITIC Bank, etc.

Gold TD, also known as gold deferred settlement business, is mainly used for trading in the form of margin. Traders can choose to deliver on the same day of contract trading day or indefinitely delay delivery. Trading has a leverage, generally about 5 times, low investment cost, high market liquidity, two-way trading, most want to tryGold investment accountAll investors can choose this product.

The specific gold TD account opening process takes ICBC as an example: if customers choose ICBC to do gold TD, they must have the bank card of ICBC. In ICBC, gold TD accounts can be opened through online banking or bank outlets.


The counter needless to say, as long as I hold my ID card and bank card to any branch of ICBC to find the financial manager to open an account.

Online banking gold TD account opening method:

Premise: open online banking of ICBC.

1. Open the official website of ICBC , find "precious metal" in personal online banking, find precious metal deferred, find gold TD product (AUT + D), and click "trade"

2. Login to personal account, users who have not logged in before still need to download security controls. For users who have not opened an account, you will be prompted not to open an account. At this time, you can apply for opening an account according to the prompt.

3. Check and accept the agreement of ICBC's agent personal physical gold trading business. Fill in the relevant information, click confirm, confirm your registration information again, confirm to open an account successfully.

In the bank, gold TD account opening must understand the following:

1. Service charge (generally 8 / 10000). Including whether there is a two-way charge, the same trading day to sell without exemption of handling charges and so on

2. Account opening fee. Generally, it's about 35 yuan

How much is the margin. The deposit ratio of ICBC is relatively large, 20%, other banks will be less, each is different.

4. Matters needing attention in specific transaction, etc

After opening an account, you can officially start your gold TD trading. As an investor, if you are not very familiar with it, it is recommended to use a small amount of principal to familiarize yourself with the transaction, and do not place orders blindly in large quantities. Because the investment cost of gold TD is not very high and there is no riskgold futuresLarge, more suitable for investors who have just come into contact with gold.

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