International spot gold account opening process

The most important step to invest in gold is to open an account. I believe most investors will be very interested in the gold account opening process and related knowledge of fees. What are the steps of opening an account for international spot gold? The following is a detailed introduction to the relevant information of the financial product, and the specific information is as follows:

International SpotGold investment accounttechnological process

International spot gold account opening process step 1, private account opening (preparation of account opening documents): 1. Fill in the account opening application form, submit the application, the bank reviews, and the account is opened successfully; 2. Sign the "customer agreement" (for this item, we must pay attention to several positions of the signature and the matters needing attention). Be sure to write the detailed address of your personal domestic bank account, such as XX bank XX Branch XX Branch XX Branch. Email should also be confirmed clearly, because it is related to your payment. If you have any questions, you can find your investment consultant.

International spot gold account opening process step 2: how to remit money: after the account is confirmed, you can go to the bank or post office to remit the funds directly to the company's bank account designated by the company through bank wire transfer or China post remittance service.

Confirmation of remittance: the customer deposits the money into the bank account designated by the company and obtains the bank deposit receipt for confirmation

International spot gold account opening process step 4, customers download the real trading platform: after loading the customer login account number and password, you can log in to trade.

Opening and trading time of international spot gold

Opening and trading hours of international spot gold: 24-hour trading on weekdays, closed on weekends, opening time (Monday 07:00-saturday 4:00), summer solstice closing time: 4:00, winter solstice investment trading time: 4:00, European market (summer solstice): 16:00-23:30, American market (summer solstice): 20:20-01:30.

International spot gold account which good?

International spot gold account which is good? Which is not necessarily safe, domestic is prohibited to do gold spot. Most of them are a black platform, and the funds are not safe. If you want to do domestic, you can go directly to the bank to open an account. Spot gold trading is a kind of contract trading based on the principle of capital leverage. According to the international gold margin contract trading standards, the use of an ounce price to buy 100 ounces of gold trading rights. Take advantage of the trading rights of 100 ounces of gold to buy up and sell down, and earn the balance profit in the middle. And if the price difference is enough, the physical gold can be extracted. 100 ounces minimum.

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