Do you know the difference between K and platinum?

In the field of gold investment, some investors often lose a lot because they can not find a way to make profits. So, how can investors win more profits? In fact, investors can succeed in getting more profits if they learn more about gold. So today I will introduce you the difference between K-gold and platinum for your study and reference.

K gold is also called Kaijin, and platinum is called platinum in English, or Pt. They have a great difference before, so we must pay attention to it. The former is a kind of alloy made of gold and other metals, while the latter is a kind of natural white precious metal. These two different substances. Therefore, investors must observe carefully when buying gold, so as to ensure whether the gold they buy is true.

Therefore, K-gold and platinum are very different. They are two different substances. The price of gold is lower than that of platinum and the price of K-gold is generally lower than that of gold. Therefore, investors must be aware of the difference between them when purchasing. The difference between K and platinum is that the former is the alloy of gold, and the latter is platinum we often call platinum. In addition, there is a classification of KJIN, which is a white type of K-gold, which has its own similarities with platinum in appearance, so investors must carefully distinguish them so as to obtain more profits. White K-gold cannot be marked with Pt (Platinum) mark, but can only be marked with gold and purity according to its purity.

Investors must learn more basic financial knowledge so as to achieve the purpose of profit.

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