Why is it that the biggest skill to fry foreign exchange is "no skill"?

It has always been a game for the rich. No matter the US dollar, Japanese yen or other currencies, they will not drop to zero or rise to sky high prices. The exchange rate between currencies will only fluctuate in a certain range. After a period of fighting, the final manifestation is the national gold reserve and its influence in the world. Foreign exchange speculation is a contest with an invisible opponent. Only a close friend can know the enemy. Rich practical experience determines the success or failure of foreign exchange speculation. When the US dollar goes up, buy US dollars, sell Japanese yen, and close the position with satisfaction; when the US dollar falls and the yen strengthens, when it comes to margin calls, they chase back and forth with a fluke mind, and the opportunity is to level off. In foreign exchange speculation, we should remember that "we'd rather miss than make mistakes". What we buy or sell is not the price, but the trend and direction.

The yen is a currency that has a great impact on the global economy. I have a special preference for it. I always believe that as long as you buy yen, even if you are locked up, there will always be a chance to unwind. I once bought yen at the price of 116 yuan. When I looked at the index in the afternoon, I always felt nervous. I decided to distribute the Japanese yen and changed it into Swiss Franc at the first time. At that time, many people were not satisfied with this, because almost all the technical indicators were upward signs, and all the news was positive. Facts have proved that the yen's subsequent downward trend, from a high level to 120, inspiration accompanied me to escape this "robbery", but several of my companions were deeply involved in it.

The biggest skill of foreign exchange speculation is "no skill". Reading newspapers every day to check financial information, through long-term accumulation of knowledge, we can have a unique operation sensitivity, not relying on intuition and judgment. Beauty elements have the rule of "three days up, one day down". Small experience is the skill of success, and most of the time, it is money to buy lessons. If you don't know what is the fluctuation law of the foreign exchange market, you can win money and lose money.

Don't make money, increase the position, do not set the stop loss of anti single, encounter unilateral down, will cause huge losses. Once the loss needs to be closed, it will be irrational to place orders. If you want to place an order, you must set a good stop loss and profit area in the warehouse. If you can't bear the price, you should resolutely cut the position out to prevent the huge loss from expanding. I have always been in the "fear of winning, not afraid of losing" mentality, dare to admit mistakes, correct mistakes, mentality and technology will gradually improve.

Foreign exchange speculation is a psychological war, "rising without edge, falling without bottom", do not fall into the vortex of numbers. Whether it's at the top or the bottom, anyone can only do the middle part. Psychological set a good stop loss position, profit 3% for safety, waiting for the arrival of the next wave of market, it has proved that it is really mature.

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