How to keep the profit and how to win?

The foreign exchange market is a market with high risk, and its risk mainly lies in too many variables that determine the foreign exchange price. We can see from the recent large fluctuations in the euro, Australian dollar, British pound and other currencies, but this is also the source of profits and charm. Although people use various methods to study it, the fluctuation of foreign exchange market is often unexpected to investors. On the one hand, the operator should have knowledge and control of risks. We are now looking at how to stop winning. Many people want to ask: stop loss when losing money can reduce loss. Do you want to stop winning and make less money when making a profit? Of course not. The goal is to winIn order to keep profits

When you buy a currency that is appreciating, you tend to be hesitant about when to sell it to make the most of it. There are many possibilities. If you have set a profit target before entering the transaction, such as preparing to make a profit of 200 points, once you reach this price, you will stop winning immediately and you can lock in the profit. One possibility is that traders keep profits up until there is a sign that a price change is shifting in the direction of losing money. In this case, the stop win may be defined as: "sell at the stop loss point of the stage high point, or sell when the technical indicators give a sell signal; which case occurs first, act according to which method." No matter which profit plan is used, it is very important for traders to realize that the ultimate goal of trading is to obtain profits. Unless you decide to try your luck again, you should always remember the clear line between good and close. Many successful traders understand that money is easy to earn but hard to protect.

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