Is the profit of speculation in foreign exchange really big?

Nowadays, the team joining the foreign exchange market is growing stronger and stronger. Many people are more and more envious after seeing some of the high profits they have earned and want to enter. But many scruples of friends will certainly ask: can you really have such a high income? Now let's talk about whether the revenue is really as high as the rumor.

Margin trading in foreign exchange trading has leverage effect, which can enlarge the investment by 200 times. Different platforms have different leverage. As long as the analysis is specific, the plan is detailed and the operation is skilled, people can obtain high profits through leverage effect. Compared with stocks, the operation of foreign exchange trading seems simpler.

However, as we all know, high yield is accompanied by high risk. If the operation technology passes the standard, it can be realized by accumulating a fortune. However, if we do not operate according to the technology, the trader's capital may be seriously reduced in a short period of time. This kind of risk is directly proportional to the return, which also makes fund management particularly important in foreign exchange transactions.

To create high profits is to control the following three aspects:

fund management

technical analysis


One of the most difficult to grasp and the most important is the mentality.

There are ups and downs, there are people who get high profits, and there are people who have lost their money. Therefore, it is not absolute to gain profits. Because of this, investors should not be too arrogant after trading because they have obtained high returns and think that there is no market that they can't make. They should not be too self-confident because they have lost a little money, or even have a fear of foreign exchange operations.

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