What is sliding point? Why do foreign exchange transactions slide?

The slide point is a small offset in the opening price due to a lack of liquidity (when it has been acquired by orders from other traders). It can also happen in the market gap.

It is important that your order cannot be guaranteed to close at the price you requested; their system will automatically choose a more favorable price offered by another liquidity provider.

Therefore, in some news release periods, investors may lack liquidity in the list price. For example, you want to open 5 lots at 1.30000 euro to us dollar. Now, in this case, we can see the following Liquidity:

Provider 1: price 1.30010, 20 hands

Provider 2: price 1.30005, 5 hands

Provider 3: price 1.30000, 1 hand

In this case, your order will be closed with provider 2 because he has the best price and enough liquidity to meet your requirements. The transaction price is 1.30005, which is 0.5 point different from the price you want.

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