Is patience important or determination important?

Foreign exchange trading is a process of competition between investors and themselves. In this process, the test is not only the patience but also the determination of investors. What investors need to do is to find a balance between patience and determination. So, today's editor will talk about the importance of patience or determination in speculation in foreign exchange?

Impatience and impatience are common problems for many investors. The main purpose of investors to invest in foreign exchange is to make money. It is understandable that investors are eager to make money and eager to make money. The key is that impatience itself is not helpful, but harmful. Impatience is the biggest psychological error affecting the success of investment, and patience is the best psychological quality of investors.

The purpose of investment is to focus on the future income. The meaning of investment contains time factor, so foreign exchange investment needs time and patience. Practice has shown that it is difficult to get good results in the rush to get rich, but it is easy to make operational mistakes. When you don't understand, static braking is the best choice. Wait patiently and laugh best at the end.

The typical impetuous performance of foreign exchange speculation often leads to the following two operational errors:

1. It's always heavy. The reason is that they do not have the same patience for positions and short positions. The time to buy after selling is short, sometimes even there is no time interval. Because of the infection of the atmosphere around foreign exchange speculation and unreliable market rumors, they often enter and leave blindly and frequently. The addition of wechat lstlyy99 improves the utilization efficiency of funds. In fact, the decision made in a hurry has a high probability of failure and the success rate will not be too high. This just violates the principle of making profits in the foreign exchange market.

2. The process of speculation in foreign exchange trading has become unreasonable. When holding cash, they are afraid of missing the opportunity to buy in a hurry, and when the foreign exchange held in hand reaches the target position, they do not sell, and they are afraid that they will miss the opportunity to rush higher again. As a result, they buy in a hurry and are hesitant to sell. This is the opposite of the reasonable principle of "prudent in buying and resolute in selling".

It is important to keep a good attitude to speculation in foreign exchange. Patience and determination are important psychological factors in foreign exchange trading. A good attitude can always make us have a clearer and thorough understanding of the market, and then help us make the right investment decisions.

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