What do you think of MACD and KDJ in gold investment?

In the process of investment, it can be said that the most common pattern for investors to judge the investment trend is makj. MACD is gradually evolved from the double moving average. KDJ can reflect the advantages of the moving average and the strength index. This paper focuses on the basic knowledge of these two indicators.

The first is KDJ index

KDJ is also known as stochastic technical indicators. Its calculation method is mainly based on the highest price, the lowest price and the closing price. The calculated K, D and j values will form a point in the coordinates. When many similar points are connected, a relatively direct random index reflecting the trend of gold price will be formed.

Inconsistent KDJ settings are different for investors with different investment interests. For investors who have already specified a real-time trading plan, they can set a KDJ index of 5 minutes or 15 minutes, which can provide the best entry and exit time. For short-term investors, 30 minute or 60 minute KDJ index is usually recommended. Short term random index is very sensitive to the fluctuation of gold price, which is also an indicator that investors need to focus on in their daily investment.

The second is MACD index

As shown in the figure above, MACD is a graphic indicator formed by each vertical white column line. In addition, the wave line represents the mean deviation in several cycles, usually 9 days. The dotted line formed by connecting the vertices of each vertical white line represents the dif-dea line.

MACD technical indicators are generally used to analyze the larger market trend, medium-term or long-term upward or downward trend. When the gold price is not obvious, MACD signal will not be obvious. When the signal is above the zero axis, it is a strong bull; when the signal is below the zero axis, it is a short position in the market. When dif-dea breaks through DEA from the bottom up, it will form a golden cross, and investors can make long orders. When dif-dea breaks through DEA from top to bottom, it will form a dead cross, and investors can make short orders.

Both KDJ index and MACD index play an important role in judging the market for investors. Through these two indicators, the strength of K-line trend can be mastered, so investors should master these two technical indicators.

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