How to prevent the occurrence of "slip point" in fried gold?

How to prevent the occurrence of the slide point in gold speculation? What is the meaning of the slip point in gold investment? Why does gold trading have a slip point? How to prevent the occurrence of slip point in gold speculation?

What is sliding point?

In the precious metal investment, because there is a gap in the precious metal market, the spread is also the key to profitability. The precious metal market is an international market, and the market changes greatly. When the fluctuation is fierce, the investors' order and final order price are wrong, which is the sliding point.

What is the effect of slip point?

When investors invest in precious metals, the market fluctuation is obvious, and the gold in the market is always changing. When investors place an order, the market fluctuates violently, and the final transaction price of investors is different from that set by themselves. And the price is determined according to the first price in the market. It's too bad for investors, they can't control their orders, and they can't predict whether they will make a profit or a loss in the end.

How to prevent the occurrence of sliding points?

1. Stop profit and stop loss

The change of precious metal market makes the profit and loss situation of investors change all the time, and stop profit and stop loss can help us to postpone this situation. Set the stop profit and stop loss at the price you decide. In this way, when the market changes dramatically, investors do not need to worry about the sliding point will cause more impact on their own profits and losses.

2. Price limit platform

In the face of sliding point, stop profit and stop loss is a method, but if you want to start from the root, you have to choose a price limit platform. The price limit platform will not slide, but the market price platform will. The price limit platform will carry out trading operations in strict accordance with the investors' investment choices. Whether it is the order price or the stop loss price, it is completely in accordance with the requirements of investors, so that the investors' investment plan can be implemented stably.

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