Why do most people prefer time deposits with low interest rates?

Nowadays, there are a lot of customers who choose banks for financial management, because the Chinese people who grew up in the traditional sense generally think that banks are the safest financial management place at present. Bank financial products are divided into fixed deposit and various financial products with certain risks. The return of bank fixed deposit is 2% - 3%, while that of pure financial products is 4% - 5%. Obviously, the latter yields much higher than the former. But in practice, people tend to choose fixed deposit. Why?

First, most customers who choose fixed deposit products are elderly people. These customers are weak in risk tolerance and acceptance of new things. They prefer a conservative and safe approach to financial management. Financial products, especially the type of non guaranteed floating income. Many elderly customers are immediately confused when they hear the word.

Second, the purchase procedure is very complicated. Buying financial products is not as simple as dealing with time deposits. Hand over the receipt or hand in the receipt to the counter for signature only. The purchase of financial products needs to fill in the risk assessment form, product agreement, risk disclosure form, etc. And copy the risk disclosure statement. Many older people can't read too much or have presbyopia and become anxious when copying. Some people simply give up buying products in the process of dealing with it.

Third, customers prefer long-term financial management of funds, which is one of the important reasons why customers choose fixed deposit rather than financial products. Everyone thinks that the income of financial products is higher than that of fixed deposit, which has been affirmed in the past few years. However, in the past two years, the yield of financial products has decreased year by year. Now, the yield of three-year certificate of deposit is almost the same as that of financial products, and the income gap is getting smaller and smaller. Many customers work in other places and have no time to buy financial products due in a short period of time except when they come back at the end of the year at the beginning of the year. With a fixed deposit for three to five years, the rate of return can be guaranteed, and at the same time, it's time-saving and labor-saving. Why not.

Fourth, the purchase threshold of financial products is very high. Although some banks have launched 10000 yuan financial products in the past two years, the issuance scale of these products is very small, the interest rate is very low, and they do not have a certain share in the market. Traditional bank financial products are still 50000 yuan, an increase of 1000 yuan. Many customers can't reach the purchase threshold of 50000 yuan, even if they want to buy financial products.

At the same time, many bank financial products can be purchased and redeemed automatically on the Internet or mobile phone, which many elderly people do not operate. Compared with the fixed deposit, the flexibility of financial management redemption is not regular convenience, and financial management can not be redeemed in advance. Therefore, in view of the risk, uncertainty and flexibility, many customers will choose time deposit without hesitation.

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