About foreign exchange documentary Trading

Foreign exchange documentary, this word we are not unfamiliar with. It specifically refers to that some novice Xiaobai who has just entered the foreign exchange market does not understand the market and lacks self-confidence in self-decision-making and operation, but will find some so-called experts to guide them to make orders. And the huge demand for documentary in the market also gave birth to the prosperity of the mode of taking orders.

It is precisely because of the prosperity of the single market that leads to the uneven standard of teachers with single. The main purpose of most order recipients in the market is to promote market development and earn commission income. Therefore, the requirements for teachers are not too strict. Even some platforms only trained beginners for more than 10 days and began to accept orders from teachers. Of course, there are a few trading experts willing to come up with orders. Even so, however, they cannot trade orders at will. After all, the psychology of traders when placing an order is completely different from that of their own trading.

Is the order good or bad? Many people have changed teachers one by one, but they are still losing money. Why? The general foreign exchange platform has at least dozens of indicators, and there are hundreds of ways to judge market conditions, and even many of them are conflicting. If you listen to every teacher and learn every skill, it may bring obstacles to your learning. Selling directly without thinking is undoubtedly the most unwise way to do business. In addition, because there are many unpredictable risks in the market, many teachers will take good risk control before placing an order to avoid serious loss of positions. However, many beginners do not have this awareness when trading. As a result, we can often see that many people make profits with their teachers when they trade documents, and the teachers disperse their positions when they have small losses.

So, to sum up. The variety and the bad of the documentary market lead to the investors' confusion about whether the documentary is good or bad. For foreign exchange novices, how to follow orders is to learn the trading experience, risk control and discipline of a single person, understand why he trades at this time, and clearly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the order maker's trading system and the risks of the system, instead of blindly following the transaction.

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