How to judge the suitability of foreign exchange documentary

We know that for the novices of foreign exchange trading, many people are not familiar with the market and have no effective trading experience of their own. They often make a dirty impression on the market. These people are often not confident in trading. At this time, foreign exchange documentary business came into being, and many people took the documentary way to grab the first pot of gold. Is that right?

1、 Why do so many people bring orders? Before we discuss merchandising, let's talk about orders. Why are there so many people in the market with orders? If these teachers are really good, why don't they trade for themselves? I believe this is the confusion of many merchandisers. In fact, the reason is very simple, because there is a huge demand for goods in the market, so it is very effective to develop the market by accepting orders.

2、 However, because of this, the following problems have arisen, such as uneven distribution of teachers with single. The main purpose of most order recipients in the market is to promote market development and earn commission income. Therefore, the requirements for teachers are not too strict. Even some platforms only trained beginners for more than 10 days and began to accept orders from teachers. Of course, there are a few trading experts willing to come up with orders. Even so, however, they cannot trade orders at will. After all, the psychology of traders when placing an order is completely different from that of their own trading.

3、 Many people change their merchandiser teachers one by one, but they are still losing money. Why? The general foreign exchange platform has at least dozens of indicators, and there are hundreds of ways to judge market conditions, and even many of them are conflicting. If you listen to every teacher and learn every skill, it may bring obstacles to your learning. Selling directly without thinking is undoubtedly the most unwise way to do business. In addition, due to many unpredictable risks in the market, many teachers take good risk control before accepting orders to avoid a sharp decline in positions. However, many beginners do not have this awareness when trading. Therefore, we can often see that many teachers make profits when trading orders, and teachers will close positions when they have small losses. When making documentaries, we often pay attention to current affairs, so it is easy to ignore teachers' repeated references to life experience. It is human nature to desire quick success and immediate benefits. This is understandable.

To sum up, for beginners, it is more important to learn the trading experience, risk control and discipline of the order holder, understand why he trades at this time, and clearly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the order holder's trading system and the risks of the system, rather than blindly follow the transaction. If a person feels that the order brought by an orderly person fully conforms to his inner signal, he should clearly know that the documentary is not to transfer the responsibility of winning or losing to the orderly person, but to be responsible for his own transaction after his rational judgment.

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