What's the difference between following orders and shouting orders?

As the world's largest market, the foreign exchange market is still developing at an amazing speed. There are constantly beginners entering the foreign exchange market. Many people who do not have comprehensive knowledge or can't arrange their time will choose to take part in trading by way of documentary or bidding. Today, what are the differences between the following documents and orders?

1、 What is shoudan?

Order calling refers to the situation that experienced or high profit foreign exchange investors, especially professional analysts and individual investors, i.e. the so-called teachers, issue their own trading orders. Traders can use the order as a trading reference, but we can't pay attention to the market in real time. Even if the order is successfully registered, it is possible to stop loss and stop profit, which makes our mentality very different Ann, of course, there is a charge for calling a bill. The teacher who yells for the bill has to charge a handling fee from it. Call single analysts just give advice to investors, operation or their own software operation.

2、 What is merchandising?

Automatic documentary trading can be summarized as the advanced version of foreign exchange orders. Automatic documentary trading is to automatically follow the trading signals of some foreign exchange investors with good trading profitability through some documentary platform systems. After setting up the documentary account and system, if the trader is not in front of the computer, he can also follow the trading. As long as the main account of the documentary is traded, the transaction will be completed Their own account will automatically complete the order, loss, closing and other operations on a year-on-year basis. In addition, the documentary information is completely transparent, and you can adjust the appropriate proportion to follow multiple traders. As long as the investor clicks on the merchandiser, you don't have to deal with the following matters. The documentary system will help you to carry out. It will save you a lot of time.

I believe that you have a certain understanding after reading this article. Both of them are for the sake of getting more profits for themselves with the help of other people's professional ability. As for which is better, it is obvious that shoudan is on the verge of elimination, and the documentary is the upgraded version of shoudan.

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