Do you know the best trading time?

Do you know the best trading time? Since the foreign exchange market is a global market traded day and night, investors can bet on foreign exchange at different times of the day and get different results. So, can our investors improve their returns by seizing the best opportunity for foreign exchange speculation? The answer is yes. Before that, of course, investors need to be clear: when is the best time to trade Forex? In the following, we will make a specific analysis according to each period. Please note that all time periods in this article are based on Beijing time.

5 to 14 o'clock

This period is mainly the trading time of the Asian market. However, due to the small impact of the Asian market on the market, the volatility of the foreign exchange market is mostly kept within 30 points, which is characterized by horizontal adjustment or volatility market.

For foreign exchange investors, this period is very light, the market has no clear direction. Investors want to see the trend between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. in a 15 minute or 5-minute graph, for example, if the market fluctuates up and down, it can operate for 5-15 points at both ends of the market shock, and stop for a short time. If you don't win, click here to list whether the 11 surplus will stop losing in time without automatically checking. This kind of trading is suitable for less skilled investors, and the risk of trading alone is not large.

14 to 18 o'clock

This period was mainly European morning market. Generally speaking, there will be market fluctuations after 15:00, and more than half of them will have technical indicators such as deviation and breakthrough, which is a good opportunity to seize the opportunity. The daily average inflow and outflow of the foreign exchange investment market is huge, and the fund will continue to increase after the beginning of the European period. At this time, the volatility of the foreign exchange market will gradually increase. At the same time, this period will also be accompanied by the publication of some influential data on European currencies! Generally speaking, the impact range is about 40-80.

18 to 20 o'clock

During the midday break in Europe and the early morning in the Americas, trading was lighter as the market waited for the start of the US.

20 to 24 o'clock

The most active trading period is mainly due to the afternoon trading in Europe and the morning trading in the United States, which is the period with the largest amount of funds and the largest number of participants in the foreign exchange market. Market volatility will generally be above 80 points, and the market will be fully in line with today's direction of action. Therefore, in this period of foreign exchange speculation, we should learn to keep up with the trend of the market and give orders.

As for the best trading time of foreign exchange speculation, Xiaobian believes that in each trading period of the foreign exchange market, it can be said that China's foreign exchange speculators have a great advantage in seizing the maximum range of the market fluctuation from 15 to 24 points, and at the same time, it will not affect our normal work. Therefore, as long as we correctly analyze the foreign exchange market and grasp the largest market trend, the profit will be considerable.

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