Foreign exchange Jiancang tips, an article let you easily learn

Investors in foreign exchange speculation before, will encounter the same problem, how to build positions? The first is to build a warehouse, which is an unavoidable problem in any trading mode. Therefore, position control is a very important point in the discipline of foreign exchange trading. Only find the right time point to build a position, the profit of the whole transaction will be big. Therefore, in the warehouse, also need to master some skills. Below, small make up with everybody to have a look what skill does foreign exchange build warehouse have!

1. Reasonable distribution

When dividing positions, traders should make a general plan, and have a general idea about how to divide positions, how to divide warehouses, how to divide warehouses, and the proportion of sub positions. We must follow the scientific and reasonable principle when we divide the warehouse. Generally speaking, we should try our best to divide the warehouse equally.

2. Avoid heavy positions

Heavy position trading is the most difficult operation in foreign exchange trading. Heavy position operation will lead to poor adaptability to the market, especially sensitive to the fluctuation of the market, which greatly increases the risk of trading, and once the operation is wrong, it will bring serious consequences of position explosion.

3. Cautious position

The last key of position management is to hold positions carefully. In the process of trading, traders must make a comprehensive analysis and judgment on the market from a rational point of view, and do not invest easily. The number of positions and the timing of positions should be fully considered.

4. Prepare for a rainy day

Every time you establish a position, you should remember to set your own stop loss position for this position, determine the acceptable risk range, and take risk prevention measures for the position.

5. No advance, no retreat

When the market trend is uncertain, it is better to choose to wait and see, and then enter the market when the market is clear. Most successful traders choose this way of trading.

6. See the position to make a single, break position stop loss:

As mentioned above, in the upward trend, wait for the price to return to the important support level to buy, and stop after the effective break. Short term can be sold on the track of the rising channel to close the position (but it is easy not to open a new short position); in the downward trend, wait for the price to rebound to an important pressure level to sell short, and effectively break the position to stop loss. Similarly, in the descent channel under the track to buy open position (never open a new position to grab rebound).

7. Break the position and make the order:

When the price rises above an important pressure level, take advantage of the trend and stop loss. When the exchange rate falls below an important support level, it will be short selling and stop loss.

8. An important reversal point can be used to reverse the market

When the large wave shape, proportion and period run to a certain reversal point at the same time, the counter market order can be made, and it must be a light position. The stop loss can be enlarged, but it can not be without stop loss.

The above are some tips for foreign exchange trading. No matter which one you take, you need to wait patiently for the arrival of the best market entry point. A good start is half of the success, so is speculation in foreign exchange. If you choose the right time to build a position, you will have a lot more opportunities to make profits. Only by keeping a good attitude, setting a proper stop profit and stop loss, not too greedy, and grasping the right time to appear, can we make a profit.


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