What is the short mechanism of paper and silver?

In the field of foreign exchange stock investment, we often hear the operation and trading techniques of long or short. In terms of precious metals, especially silver, we have heard that trading techniques are long rather than short. Now, Chinese trading investors, please note that ICBC has launched a two-way operation business. For details, please refer to the relevant information prepared by Xiaobian for you.

Nowadays, paper silver business has been launched in most banks, such as ICBC paper silver, China Construction Bank paper silver. However, at present, only industrial and Commercial Bank of China can take two-way operation of paper silver, while many other banks, whether state-owned or joint-stock banks, can only operate long but not short.

In ICBC, paper and silver business is subordinate to the two-way trading of precious metals in ICBC account. In short, customers can sell and then buy when they handle the account silver paper and silver business in ICBC, that is, sell first and buy short mechanism, so as to realize profits in the downward trend of the market. In October 2011, ICBC launched this short mechanism, which is a perfect measure for the paper silver trading mechanism. Customers can use various channels to conduct transactions, such as face-to-face service provided by bank outlets, mobile banking (WAP), personal online banking, etc. The transaction time is generally based on the e-banking channel, providing customers with continuous trading service support from 7:00 a.m. on Monday to 4:00 a.m. on Saturdays. In a word, the launch of this business has fundamentally changed the way in which precious metal products in the original account can only be traded in one direction and multiple directions, which can meet the actual needs of customers to make profits when the price of precious metals falls, and increase the opportunities for trading and profit.

The above is the introduction of the paper silver related short making mechanism of ICBC, are you clear? I hope you can read and study carefully and understand the operation method of paper silver, so as to make investment decisions correctly and effectively. Silver as the "gold of the poor" is very practical for some novice customers with small available investment funds and relatively weak risk tolerance.

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