It is particularly important to abide by market discipline in crude oil investment

It has always been the thought of the older generation in China, but it is still very useful in the crude oil investment market. In fact, crude oil investment has its own trading rules. For most investors, it is easy to make mistakes in the actual analysis process, but they can also make better corrections at the same time, but the funds are sufficient If you correct in time, you can make a profit in the future investment.

What should we pay attention to before making a single investment in crude oil?

If you want to invest in crude oil, you must check whether the current investment model is consistent with its own trend, whether it has the form of K line to support it, whether it can analyze the final trend, whether there are some other goals, whether the weekly and monthly line shape and trend indicators are analyzed, whether the planned volume is too large, and whether the original stop loss price is set It is also important to see whether we can see the floating profit at the price of adding positions, whether we have set the price for stopping profit, and whether we can place an order.

What should we pay attention to after placing an order for crude oil investment?

If the crude oil investment reaches the stop loss position, it is necessary to strictly implement some stop loss price. No matter whether the list after this is right or wrong, never backhand after closing the loss order. You should adjust your mentality and constantly analyze it. When investing in crude oil, if you fail to increase your position, you should also strictly abide by the principle of earning 10000 yuan and never go to the last penny Take the principle of this way to remedy, of course, when the liquidation of a huge profit, we must put an end to entering the market to do a single, and then analyze the mentality.

If you want to do a good job in crude oil investment, you must be a follower of market transactions. This is the mentality of actively responding to market changes. While investing in crude oil, we should also abide by the market rules. We should not abide by rigid dogma. We should also be flexible when we invest in crude oil. In this way, we can make better market profits.

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