In the stock market, ten experiences of old investors in stock market

If you want to do a good job in stocks, you must enrich your stock knowledge. The following small make-up to tell you, the stock market in the old stock market experience of ten.

1、 Differentiation: to distinguish the trend, we need to analyze whether the fundamental cause of the bull market is the performance improvement of listed companies or the capital driven type caused by excess liquidity. There is no stock market that can only rise but not fall in the world. Although we have no reason to shake our confidence in the bright future of China's stock market, the stock index has been artificially pushed high, and the trend is quietly changing. More vigilance will not suffer losses
2、 Block: that is to block their ears, do not listen to hearsay stock speculation. Don't listen to the stock reviews to buy stocks. I don't know if you find out. What kind of stocks are recommended by the stock reviewers over and over again. The market makers buy stocks with money, and you follow suit to buy stocks. You act as someone else's sedan chair bearer without paying attention
3、 Stable: in the bull market, the stock index jumps up and down, slowly rises and falls, ups and downs, in the face of sudden rise and fall, the mentality must be stable, do not blindly pursue the rise and fall, do not expect to look for the fast doubling of bull stocks, diversify investment, and if you are not sure, buy funds, let experts help you make decisions
4、 Slow: that is, driving must bear in mind, one look two slow three pass. Stock selection depends on the fundamentals of the listed company. If you choose the right stocks, you should not be in a hurry when you buy stocks. If you buy stocks when you call back or when the stock index falls sharply, you will not run into a red light and have an unexpected "stock disaster"
5、 Avoid: to avoid non systematic risks, stock selection should avoid dangerous reefs and mines. Don't think that the stock market is full of gold that can be picked up by bending down. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to pick up gold-plated scrap copper. Therefore, do not touch the old Zhuang stocks, problem stocks, loss stocks, early warning stocks, capped Beatles stocks, delisting marginal stocks. In case of unfortunate investment mistakes, step on the mine, you should lose weight or clear your position every time you rebound, stop loss and avoid risks
Six short: in the bull market, we should also avoid full position operation. We should seize every opportunity to make short-term difference, fight "guerrilla war" and do "t + 0". We should buy the stocks in our hands and sell them on the same day in the rebound. We will not lose the chips held in the medium and long term, but also win the short-term price difference. Change the zombie stock that doesn't rise in your hand to one that can beat the market, that is, abandon the bad for the best, and step on the rhythm to have a big harvest
7、 Reading: that is to strengthen learning and read more books. We should understand the relationship between stock market and various social interests, such as stock market and macro-economy, policy and wealth, stock market and social life, stock market and culture, stock market and gambling, stock market and family, stock market and corruption, stock market and deception. Only by reading these relationships can you become a winner, rather than falling into a trap that you thought you were tailor-made
8、 To abstain from corruption is the most taboo word in the stock market. The metaphor is: "greed" means that "heaven has" money "(shell: in ancient times, money was made today). Because "greed" too much, will become "poor", others want to "share" your "money" (shellfish). The tenth commandment of "the ten commandments of Moses" in the Bible is the commandment of greed
9、 Wu: in the bull market, when you buy good stocks at low prices, you should dare not to be swayed by short-term large fluctuations. Good stocks will not rise every day. Only long-term investment can maximize profits. Covering stocks is short-term ignoring stocks and forgetting stocks
10、 Feeling: be grateful. Thanks to the government, to the sustained development of China's economy, to all the participants in the market, to the high returns of good companies, and even more to thank ourselves for catching up with the good times. Don't blame your mother if you lose it. Thank fate, can move the world.

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