In the stock market, these five things can never be done by investors.

To do a good job in the stock market, we have to master some knowledge of the stock market. The following small make-up to tell you, the stock market, these five things are absolutely not allowed to do.

Some investment strategies that sound like wise sayings are regarded by investors as magic weapons to make money, the so-called investment Bible of some investment masters is regarded as the golden rule by investors, and some methods that are only suitable for institutional investors are imitated by investors one by one. Poor scattered people must remember that the following five things must not be done.
1. Borrow money to speculate in stocks
The purpose of investing in the stock market is to make money. The more the principal is invested, the more you earn. Just like this, many investors want to put more money into the stock market, so there is the phenomenon of borrowing money to speculate in stocks. It's smart to borrow chicken eggs, but they forget that the greater the principal, the greater the risk. In the end, not only did not make money, lost or borrowed money from others, but also not end.
2. Believe in the grapevine
Many investors are unable or unwilling to further study the professional knowledge of stock investment for various reasons, hoping to speculate in stocks by listening to the hearsay from various channels. I don't know that we can't get anything without work, and we often lose money.
3. Death is not for sale
There is a song called "love when you are dead". However, in the stock market, some retail investors pursue the mentality of retail investors who "don't sell when they die". In a rising market, any sale is regretful, which is the reason why this mentality is so popular. However, in the down market, "dead do not sell" will bring you the most profound pain, I believe many investors have a deep understanding.
4. Blooming everywhere
To avoid risks, investment masters teach us: "don't put eggs in the same basket." As a result, a considerable number of retail investors follow this investment law, and often find that things go against their wishes. Little do you know, investment master's instruction is for a considerable amount of capital, for retail investors that point of investment principal, not applicable.
5. Chasing up and killing down
The most difficult thing to overcome in the stock market is human nature, and the biggest weakness of human nature is greed and fear. When you see the stock price rise, greed comes into play, hoping to buy the stock and make a profit. When the stock price fell, he was afraid that he would continue to fall, so he was eager to sell his chips. In the long run, such investors tend to have the lowest yields.

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