Learn these 12 moves to become a rookie

If you want to do a good job in stocks, you must enrich your stock knowledge. Learn the following 12 moves, stock rookies become masters.

1、 If the 5-day moving average is not recovered for three consecutive days after the stock price of a certain stock falls from its high level, the safest way is to leave early without serious "loss of hands and feet".
2、 When the stock price of a stock falls below the 20 day moving average, 60 day moving average, or the 120 day average (half year line) or 250 day average (annual line), which is known as the lifeline, there is still a decline of about 8% to 15%. It is better to retreat and wait and see. Of course, if the funds are not in urgent need, it's OK to die. But please fully estimate the possible changes in all aspects in the future.
3、 When the big overcast line from top to bottom is left on the daily chart and breaks through the important platform, whether it rebounds or not the next day, or the cross star is received, the goods in hand should be thrown out.
4、 If you don't plan to sell on the same day in the event of significant benefits, you may get more profits by selling high the next day, but there are also certain risks. Please think twice.
5、 About a week before the major festival, we began to adjust our chips and even empty our stocks. We will wait and see.
6、 The policy side should withdraw from the stock market strategically after the relevant media express or imply the rectification measures.
7、 After the formation of the market bottom, individual stocks usually have a 30% to 35% rise. Remember not to be greedy. Don't listen to the demagogues such as 38% to 50% and 60% higher than the experts say. Stop when you are good. The one that can rise is left to the bold to make money.
8、 When the political and economic situation of the international and neighboring countries and regions tends to be bad, it is necessary to prepare for withdrawal as early as possible.
9、 In the case of similar (industry, close number of shares in circulation, geographical plate, similar issuing time, etc.) stocks, if only the affected stock falls sharply first, it is difficult for other stocks to be independent. If there are similar stocks in hand, they should come out first.
10、 When the stock price rebound does not reach the previous high point or the transaction volume reaches the previous high point, it is not appropriate to keep the stock.
11、 The new shares should be sold from 10:30 to 11:20 in the morning trading time as far as possible, and the income is considerable.
12、 Avalanche stocks are right when they come out. In the continuous decline of the market, the stocks held in your hands do not fall or fall slightly. We must keep up our spirits and do not take chances. It is better to come out first. There will always be times for such stocks to catch up with the bottom

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