How to watch and choose stocks

Kanpan and stock selection is an essential basic skill in the process of our daily stock speculation, and Kanpan and stock selection can not be done in a day and night. Today, I have sorted out some relevant experience to help you do a better job in how to watch and select stocks.

1. Adhere to the daily resumption, according to their own stock selection skills to choose stocks. The focus of stock market is to know the trend of individual stocks, followed by the choice of stocks. The individual stocks selected in the second round should conform to their own stock selection method, and have common characteristics with the current market hot spots, and have the linkage of plate and industry, so that the probability of future market trend will be higher. After the resumption of trading, you can find the trend of the market and the plate from the convergence of individual stocks.
2. On the day's rise and fall of the first stock to carefully study, find out the reasons for the stock strength (weakness), find out the buy (sell) signal you think. For those stocks that meet the buying conditions, you can enter your stock pool of alternatives and follow them.
3. In the real offer, we should keep a close eye on the real-time trend of your policy stocks, clearly understand the specific significance of the opening, closing, highest and lowest of the day, as well as the actual situation of the main pull-up, sell-off, protection of the plate, and understand whether the volume price relationship is normal.
4. Conditioning exercises. Find out the trend of some classic bottom start stocks, and constantly affect their own brain.
5. Practice your daily fast reading dynamic market situation.
6. The most central thing is to have a set of proper operation methods, especially suitable for yourself. The method comes from the above exercises. The second round is to use static to look at the overall picture of one side of the market. This is aimed at the situation that you have no time to observe and summarize during the day. After the closing or at the same time, you have to look through all aspects again to further clarify the capital flow in and out of those stocks. The main source of selling pressure in the market is where the momentum of the market is coming again Since then, they are not related to industries and plates. What are the reasons for these situations? Those stocks are in the golden period of rising, those are about to form a perfect breakthrough, what are the main reasons for the rise and fall of the market today, and so on. You need to re integrate the market to understand the changes in the market.

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