How to deal with the rebound? What are the operation methods when the market rebounds?

Theory belongs to theory, and actual combat to actual combat. At the same time, we must have practical skills in stock market. Let's talk about how to deal with the market rebound? What are the operation methods when the market rebounds?

The stock market is a kind of investment with great risk but high income. It is not as easy to learn as yoga, especially the short-term operation is more difficult to master, which is called knife edge licking blood. Only by setting up iron discipline can we win by surprise. In the actual combat, the author summed up ten tips for short-term operation
First, fast in and fast out. It's a bit like we use microwave oven to heat dishes. After heating, we should take them out immediately. If the time is long, we will not only heat the dishes, but also burn the dishes. Originally wanted to fast forward short fry, the result is a long-term quilt cover. Therefore, even the quilt cover should follow the secret.
Second, we should catch the leading sheep in the short term. It's similar to herding sheep. If the leader runs West, you can't go east; if the leader goes up the mountain, you can't jump off the cliff. If you can't catch the leader, it's good to catch the second. The secret is not to chase tail sheep, tail sheep not only run slowly, but also may fall behind.
Third, increase the weight when rising and lose the pound when falling. This is the same as the reason we ride bicycles. When we go uphill, we should step on it with all our strength. If we relax, we may fall to the ground; when we go downhill, we should hold the brake firmly, safety first. The secret is that once the brake fails, you have to abandon the car, otherwise it may be dangerous.
Fourth, under normal circumstances, even if the quality of the stock is not very good, if the stock price fell by 50% in a row, it can also grab a rebound. This is like taking a roller coaster from the top of the mountain to the valley. Due to inertia, we always go up for a distance after falling into the valley. The stocks that have been cut by the waist in the event of major short interest will rebound about 20% no matter how bad their fundamentals are. The secret is not to fall in love, rebound to the resistance platform or fill the gap after the two jump to decisively get off the car.
Fifth, in the bull market, don't underestimate the unpopular stocks. This is like the football match in the sports competition, the strong team may not be able to defeat the weak team. Which of the big black horses in the bull market didn't come out of the cold? The secret is not to fall in love with the "red cold" stocks, which may be sent off.
Article 6. Stop the loss if the stock price falls by 8%. This is the Enlightenment from Chinese chess. If you look at seven moves in chess, when you are in a passive situation, you must lose your "pawn" to protect your "car". Only when you keep your money can you have the possibility of turning over the table. The secret is that stop loss is mainly to avoid systemic risk, which is not suitable for technical callback, because small "pawns" are better than ten "cars".
Article 7: sell when the high-level three companies are in Yin, and buy when the low-level "red three soldiers". This is like the weather forecast that must be seen every day. The cloudy line is full of clouds and the rainstorm is coming; the sunny line is sunny and sunny. The secret is that the makers often use this to cheat the line to wash or drop relay, which should be combined with the basic information of individual stocks for screening.
Article 8. Buy stocks that go up against the trend when the market plummets. It's like swimming on the beach. Only when the tide is low can you see who is swimming naked. There are two possibilities for a nude swimmer: one is to wear an expensive "invisibility suit", and the other is that he really has no money to buy swimming trunks. The secret is that the stock price is going up against the trend. It may be that large funds carry the top and the future market will rise sharply; or it may be that the makers induce more and higher shipment, and the key is to see whether to make up for the decline.
Article 9. Dare to buy stocks on the limit board. It needs courage and risk-taking spirit to pursue the trading limit, which is called the death squads. It's like climbing with bare hands. It's very dangerous. If you step on it, you will fall into free fall. After climbing the mountain, you will see that the mountains are small and the wealth increases rapidly. Because as long as the limit is closed, there will be a limit later. The secret is that in the continuous trading is opened, must not let go, a release will be wasted.
Article 10. Buy stocks whose limit has been opened by a large amount. When the huge drop limit is quickly opened by a large order, it should be killed without hesitation. It's like watching fireworks in the night sky, first from green to red, and then flying into the sky. Large volume pull up under the general can change from limit to limit, the day will have 20% of the cut. The secret is that the beautiful fireworks will soon become a thing of the past, and the next day's auction will be sold out immediately.
The above ten tips are to interpret complex short-term skills with the most popular life knowledge. Investors should not copy mechanically and flexibly according to their actual combat experience.

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