How to sell high and suck low in the stock market?

The stock market is deducting every day. Danger and opportunity coexist. At this time, we should avoid risks and seize opportunities. Let's talk about how to sell high and suck low in the stock market?

There is no doubt that the stock market is in the stage of bull market frenzy. In this stage, the market is soaring, and many stocks are going up crazily every day. However, once you see the crazy stocks, you will rashly follow up and chase up, but you are likely to buy them and eat them. If you want to buy it, you are afraid that you will be cheated or even bought at the highest point; if you don't buy it, your preferred stocks will continue to rise, which makes it hard to feel empty. If you are in a dilemma, you may miss the opportunity in vain. To overcome the contradictory psychology and strive for more profits and less losses, we need to grasp the rhythm of short-term speculation. The key is to grasp the buying point and opportunity.
We should try our best to shift our energy to select individual stocks and grasp the buying points. Even when the market is crazy, there will still be many stocks closing the negative line or even though the market is close to rising, we can select the potential stocks that have potential to pull up the rise, and then choose low to buy in the case of intraday shock and potential target stocks showing a negative line. In this way, seven out of ten are to buy Even if you eat a set for a while after buying, you will get rid of it quickly and make money. This is what I often talk about in recent years. The key is to grasp the opportunity to buy low.
One of the most important ways to pursue low buying is to look at the leader and grasp the flank
1、 Long term tracking of several super heavyweight stocks with a total equity of more than 10 billion, focusing on the overall weakness of these elephants. If one of the leading stocks shows a strong trend and reaches a new high one one day, it is necessary to choose other stocks from other stocks with clear ups and downs to find opportunities to intervene. When the elephants are active in reaching new heights, we can also pay attention to the elephants that have not yet reached a new high.
2、 After the start of small and medium-sized stocks, it is worth paying attention to the short-term consolidation and accumulation. There are a lot of such stocks, as long as they are carefully selected, they are bound to tap into the potential stocks that are about to be pulled up, and then they will be able to absorb low.
We should pay attention to chasing low short-term speculation to buy potential target stocks in the plate presents a negative state, that may be the day under the shadow line, can skillfully buy in the negative line, making money is inevitable.

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