Detailed explanation of arbr index

Detailed explanation of arbr index. In the use of arbr indicators, many people do not know how to combine the two, most of their use skills are explained separately, so it is not very effective for novices.

The core principle of comprehensive application and judgment of emotional indicators: AR can be used alone, while br should be used together with AR in order to play a role.
Ar index is also called popularity index, and Br index is also called buying and selling intention index. They are the most important indicators to measure the change of power balance between long and short sides in the market. In general, AR can be used alone, while br can be used together with AR. More often, it is used at the same time, which is a medium and long-term technical analysis tool.
1、 Specific application and research rules
1ar and Br are rising from the low level at the same time, which indicates that the market sentiment has begun to accumulate, and the long power has begun to dominate. The stock price will continue to rise, and investors can buy in time or hold the funds to rise.
2. When AR and Br rise from the bottom -- after a period of time, reach a fixed high and stop rising or start to turn around, it means that the stock price has reached the high level, and the shareholders should pay attention to take profits in time.
3. BR is lower than AR, and the index is below 150-100, so stock investors can consider buying on bargain.
4. Br when the stock price falls back from the peak value, if there is no warning signal of AR, it indicates that the stock price is a normal correction on the way up and should buy on the low. when the stock rises rapidly, AR stock should be sold every time it is high and close in time.
2、 Flexible use of emotion index arbr index
Flexible use of emotional index arbr index, can grasp the periodic bottom opportunity, suitable for participating in the rebound stock market.
In the past, the technical analysis of stock market is based on AR and Br index, and Cr index is introduced to study and judge together, which can improve the accuracy of analyzing and forecasting market. However, most of the technical analysis software now use Cr as a separate indicator, so we will not introduce the simultaneous study and judgment of AR, Br and Cr.

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