How does stock do band operation?

Band operation is a kind of stock speculation skills that we often use in the process of short-term stock speculation. If the band operation is good, the income is very considerable. Do you know how to do band operation for stock?

1、 Choose stocks with obvious upward trend
Choose some stocks that are rising and the main trend is upward as a whole. Because such stocks have a good prospect, investors should buy these stocks when they are in the medium-term trend upward when they choose the buying time, and observe whether such stocks have obvious upward intention. When the stocks start to rise, they need to seize the opportunity to buy Only in this way can we have greater opportunities.
The selling time should be decided according to the different situations in the rising trend of the stock. The stock is in the upward trend and has lasted for a period of time. When it reaches the top and is resisted, the stock will show some downward trend. This is when the investor wants to grasp it in time and sell it. For those stocks that have been in the low position for a long time and have been in constant vibration, they should put them in the first time Buy when the quantity is high.
2、 When the aircraft point begins to rise significantly
If the stock price has been in a downward trend for a long period of time, and the volume can continue to shrink, the amount of rebound can be significantly enlarged, and the amount of callback can be significantly shrunk. This is why investors should pay attention to the stocks in the upward trend channel, which can be held for a period of time, while the channel stocks in the downward trend can only rebound and the rebound ends well That is to choose a position. If it has broken through the neck line, the rising band should not break the neck line, and it is the third buying point when it rises in large volume again.
Double bottom buying conditions
No matter when you choose a trading opportunity, you must carefully and comprehensively observe the specific trend of the market. If the trend of the market and the secondary trend are both downward, do not carry out band operation. At this time, there will be a certain danger. The medium and long-term trend of those stocks may be upward, but the corresponding sudden entry of its position proportion should not be too much.

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