Why individual stock close strong pull limit?

Do the stock for a long time will find that some of the main stock quickly pull up the stock price, or block the limit. So, why individual stock close strong pull limit?

As for the issue of stocks with strong trading limit near the closing date, it needs to be analyzed in detail. Generally speaking, the pull-up in the late trading can be judged according to the following situations:
1: The stocks with a rapid rise in the end of the day usually show that the main force of individual stocks has limited capital and strength. Especially when the general trend is fluctuating, the cost of making the plate can be saved by rapidly raising the stock price in the end.
2: Attention should be paid to the combination of individual stock price and individual stock technical form. If a stock builds a slow upward channel and enters the last five wave acceleration period, then the rapid rise at this time belongs to its own trend, and the rising acceleration can be moderately followed in the early stage of rapid take-off of stock price, otherwise, it should wait and see.
3: High horizontal market stocks often appear late sharp pull-up, should be vigilant, especially in the trading hours of each day, basically maintain shock and fall, and at the closing time, there are big buyers to actively push up the stock price, and the cumulative increase of such stocks is not small, we should consider the main line of deception to cover up their shipping traces.
4: Distinguish the difference between quantitative jerk and limitless rise. The former belongs to the main strike and make a plate. From the trading files, you can see the large-scale buying of many large orders and integer orders. In most cases, it is the main players who deliberately show off their strength to attract the retail investors to follow the trend. The latter is a sudden and detailed stimulus, the market foreign capital is eager to rush in, and the stock price can rise and stop easily without large amount, First, the main force is reluctant to sell; second, chips are highly concentrated. In this case, the limitless increase, especially the limitless limit, can definitely be seen in the future market.
Of course, these also need some experience to make an accurate judgment. It is better for novices to learn from others' successful experience, learn more, take less detours, and minimize economic losses.

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