These are the commonly used indicators for waveband

Good band, to learn to combine some indicators, and the following are commonly used band indicators, please keep good.

What is the best index for waveband
Investors must not lose two indicators when making band investment, one is KDJ index, the other is brin line index. These two indicators are the knowledge content that investors must master to master the band skills. First of all, the former is overbought and oversold indicators, while the brin line is a support pressure indicator.
The advantage of applying these two indicators together is that it can make the signal of KDJ index more accurate. At the same time, because the brin line index in the K-line index system of price day often reflects the medium-term operation trend of price, so using these two indicators to determine whether the price is short-term wave or medium-term fluctuation has a certain role, especially suitable for judging It has a very good effect to cut off the price whether it reaches the peak (bottom) in the short term or rises (falls) in the medium term.
The upper track of the brin line has a pressure effect, while the middle rail and the lower rail have a supporting role. Therefore, when the price falls to the middle track or the down track of the brin line, you can ignore what the signal of KDJ indicator prompts and continue to operate. If the KDJ index goes to a low level, it can be considered that the short-term trend and the medium-term trend verify each other, and adopt a more positive operation mode. This is an important part of our basic knowledge about the stock band.
Here, we need to remind stock investors that when the price falls to the brin line, even if it is supported and stabilized, the KDJ index gradually goes up, but the signal of trend reversal has been sent out, so we can grab a rebound at most. When the KDJ index reaches 80 high, it is better to choose to sell, mainly because when the stock price falls below the middle track of the brin line, the opening of the brin line will become narrower. At this time, it will take a long time to recover the index. Therefore, it is not suitable to continue to hold shares from the perspective of preventing falling risk or choosing to hold shares.
Well, in the end, I would like to make a summary. The specific method of combining KDJ index with brin line index is to use brin line as the main index to judge the middle line of the price trend, supplemented by KDJ index, to judge the short-term trend of the stock price. KDJ index shows that the buying and selling signals should be coordinated according to the brin line. If both of them send the same signal, then the trading can be done The reliability is very high.

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