How to find a place to buy after passing through KDJ golden fork of zhouk line

Stock market emphasizes buying points and selling points. I shared with you the buying method of KDJ golden cross of weekly K-line. Today, we will talk in detail about how to find buying points after passing KDJ golden cross of weekly K-line.

As a random index, KDJ fully considers the random amplitude of price fluctuation and the calculation of medium and short-term fluctuations in the design, which makes its short-term market measurement function more accurate and effective than the moving average. In terms of short-term overbought and oversold, KDJ is more sensitive than the relative strength index, and is very accurate in mastering the market trend in the medium and short term. The daily KDJ is a sensitive index, which changes rapidly and has strong randomness. It often produces false buying and selling signals, which makes investors confused when buying and selling according to the signals. When we use weekly KDJ and daily KDJ to select stocks, we can filter out the false buying signals, which is more reliable to intervene in stocks.
Weekly KDJ gold fork buying point:
Point one: buy ahead of time. In practical operation, we often encounter such problems: as the change speed of daily KDJ is faster than that of weekly KDJ, when the weekly KDJ is golden cross, the daily KDJ has been ahead of schedule for several days, the stock price has also risen for a period, and the purchase cost has risen. Aggressive investors can buy ahead of time in order to reduce costs. The conditions to be satisfied for the advance buying method are as follows: the weekly positive line is closed, and the upward hook of the weekly K and j lines will require a golden fork (not a golden fork); the daily line KDJ will develop the golden fork within this week, and the golden fork will receive and release the positive line of daily volume.
Point 2: Weekly KDJ just golden fork, daily line KDJ has been bought.
Point 3: Weekly K, D two lines "will not die" buy. After the weekly KDJ golden cross, the stock price returns to close the weekly negative line, and then goes up again in large volume; the weekly K and D lines will be dead cross, but there is no dead cross, K line opens its mouth again; the daily line KDJ golden cross. Using this method to buy stocks, you can capture a rapid and strong rise in the market. After the last 600050 weeks of KDJ golden cross, Japan's KDJ has also taken the golden fork, showing a trend of accelerating the upward attack. At present, both the weekly KDJ and the Japanese KDJ are golden cross, and the future market is also expected to accelerate the upward attack. To remind you, KDJ index of large cap stocks and market trend judgment is more accurate, small cap stocks sometimes not very effective. It is better to use KDJ index combined with volume price line, brin line and MACD.
The condition that this method must satisfy is: after the week KDJ golden cross, the stock price returns to the weekly negative line, and then goes up again in large volume. Week K line and D line will be dead cross, but there is no real dead cross, K line reopened up. KDJ gold fork. Using this method to buy stocks, you can capture a rapid and strong rise in the market.
Today, through the four-dimensional orientation principle and repeated screening, the editor has brought us a leading real estate stock with a price of only 10 yuan. Recently, it has obtained 250 million yuan through equity transfer, which has been fully invested in its three major real estate projects. In addition, the listed company also has the concept of financial equity participation. Its first quarter report of this year has achieved a substantial turnaround of 300%, and when the economy has not yet clearly turned warm, it took the lead in predicting that the performance of the interim report will continue to grow by more than 900%! At the same time, its chips are also very concentrated, indicating the success of the main shock position!
On Thursday, the market continued to fluctuate upward, with industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of China, China Unicom and other joint upward, and second-line blue chips also rose, thus pushing the market to a new high. In the short term, due to the obvious rotation effect of blue chip stock plate in the market, especially the first-line index stocks try their best to protect the market at a critical time, which can always save the market from danger. The short-term market continues to advance to 4800, and the trend of index stocks will affect the operation pattern of the market. From the internal structure of the market in recent days, the differentiation of individual stocks is gradually emerging. Financial stocks have become a new concentration of mainstream funds, and some early hot plates have capital outflow effect.
At present, the market is still around the RMB appreciation stocks represented by real estate and banks, and also the performance growth stocks represented by non-ferrous metal stocks. Therefore, only by selecting individual stocks around these main lines can investors make both index and profit. According to the current upward trend, the market is expected to reach 6000 within the year. In terms of operation, investors should follow the hot spots of the market and follow the trend. They should continue to be cautious about the conceptual varieties after the big rise. It is expected to fall back on Friday, strong shock, continue to bullish.

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