What are the bottom zone stock picking techniques?

Try to choose a relatively low price to buy, and then choose a relatively high price to sell, which is the creed of survival in the market. So, what are the bottom zone stock picking techniques?

1. The selection price has been far lower than its historical trading density area and the recent hold up trading intensive area of individual stocks.
2. After a period of deep decline, the price is far away from the 30 day average and the deviation of deviation rate is larger.
3. In the actual operation process, we should pay attention to the reference to the distribution of mobile cost. When the profit plate in the distribution of mobile cost is less than 3, we should set the stock as the focus object.
4. "When rising, we should focus on potential, when falling, we should focus on quality.". At the end of the bear market or during the period of just turning into a bull market, we should pay attention to the basic factors such as whether the performance of individual stocks is good and whether it has growth.
5. Choose stocks with rich themes, such as: small cap stocks with high proportion of transfer themes.
6. When selecting stocks through technical indicators, we should not only select the stocks that have successfully bottomed out with daily line indicators, but should focus on the stocks with successful bottoming at the same time of daily, weekly and monthly indexes. The bottom constructed by such individual stocks is often the historical bottom.
7. From the analysis of trading volume, before the stock price bottoms out, the trading volume tends to remain low. When the general trend stabilizes, we should choose the active varieties with moderate trading volume according to the changes of the market.
8. From the form of analysis, in the bottom area to choose a long-term downturn, the bottom of the formation of a long time to build a clear form of stocks. Can you travel through the complicated stock market smoothly? If not, 973913052 can be added for more investment opportunities.
9. From the analysis of the trend of individual stocks, we should pay special attention to the leading indicators of individual stocks when the market is in the bottom area. We should closely track and observe the individual stocks that stabilize before the market, start before the market, and have a large volume ahead of the market. The mainstream hot spots in the future market tend to rise in these stocks.
It is worth noting that: when buying stocks in the bottom area, we should skillfully apply the opposite theory. The bottom repeatedly emphasized by the stock review and the bottom recognized by most investors are only a periodic bottom. At this time, do not fully fill the position or intervene in the heavy position, and pay attention to timely profit taking. For example, the 1500 point policy base recognized by the market in 2001. Only when the stock review has been afraid to say the bottom easily and most investors dare not copy down, the bottom that is really suitable for strategic positions will come.

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