What about the annual report?

Listed companies will publish their own annual reports according to the system requirements every year. The annual report is a written language to reflect the operation of their own companies. Generally speaking, through the company's annual report, we can have certain expectations on its future performance and business direction, which will have a certain impact on its stock. So much has been said about the annual report of the company. What should we focus on?

The annual report is made by listed companies every year. It is a detailed summary of the company's situation in a year. For example, the financial aspects have detailed summary and summary. If we want to understand a company, it is very simple to look at the financial statements. In addition, we can see the stock value of the enterprise from these basic information.
For example, the annual reports of listed companies have some rules. For example, the format must be strictly observed
1. Important tips
2. General situation of listed companies
3. Company data and some indicators
4. What are the changes in share capital and shares
5. Changes in management
6. Board Report
7. Important matters
8. Report on the situation and financial aspects of the board of supervisors.
At the beginning, it is necessary to observe and see if there are any hints. This is a general summary of the financial statements. It is the place where major events are disclosed during the reporting period, which needs to be focused on; secondly, attention should be paid to the third part, "summary of accounting data". In which we can see the most commonly used earnings per share, net assets per share, return on net assets. These data show the basic stock profitability of the company. One of these data is called "net cash flow generated by operating activities per share", which can reflect whether the company has really made profits in the process of operation.
Third, in the "changes in share capital and the situation of shareholders", we can find some basis and make detailed adjustments from the number of shareholders. We can also divide the number of circulating shares by the number of shareholders to see the average holding amount of each shareholder, so as to detect whether there is a major activity. In recent years, it is required to disclose the situation of the top ten circulating shareholders, which is helpful for investors to understand the trend of large funds.
Fourth, it should be noted that the sixth part of the "report of the board of directors" includes a number of small items, three of which must be read:
1. The overall operation of the company, from which we can see the development trend of the company;
2. Development plan for the new year. To find out whether there is any place in the company's development plan that is consistent with the market hot spots;
3. It also depends on the company's investment. In particular, some new shares and secondary new shares should pay attention to the progress of their investment projects.
The above is a small edition of the company's annual report on how to look at the relevant introduction, I hope to help you.

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