Band trading method of stock weekly level

When you look at the trend of the band, you usually think that it is the level of the chart. In fact, we do band can do a large cycle band, the following to share the stock weekly level band trading method.

Skills of making wave band by looking at weekly lines
1、 Stock selection
(premise: keep up with the main speculation board fast) the growth period of the stock potential is the largest, mature period of the stock to make the fastest money.
2、 Buying
(1) Always buy on the first day of launch. This is a principle. Learn to buy first, then sell. Can buy can guarantee no compensation, will sell is a professional financial management. The best buying point of a stock is only one day, and other points are chasing up, but on this day, you have to watch every day. Look for half a year, look for this point, a sword and seal throat, this is the characteristics of the stock market, the stock market is about the time to seal the throat.
(2) Don't use time-sharing to operate before the daily line trend forms an upward trend. Professional buying point is 60 minutes, KDJ passivation of the tail to buy! 60 points of KDJ also wait for golden fork is late, because experience tells you, in the near future, certainly golden fork, and the advent of golden fork, the price often has increased by 5%, this is divorced from ordinary investors, this is forecasting, to have a bit of thinking ahead.
In an upward trend, the buying point is easy to judge, but the selling point is difficult to judge. In the down trend, the selling point is easy to judge, and the buying point is difficult to judge. All these are based on the moving average. The buying point in the upward trend will fall on an upward divergent moving average. It is very easy to judge. While the selling point in the downward trend will be generated at a downward divergent moving average.
3、 On selling band and keeping warehouse
1. It's easy to say, but difficult to do. Some stocks pull up in different ways, so it is difficult to judge the correct high. The key to look at the time-sharing chart is to interpret whether the main band is over. Look at the 30 minute chart, KDJ high 90 short line throw out, KDJ in the end immediately back.
2. Long term stocks also need time-sharing operations. 15 minutes to see the strong, 30 minutes to see the washing, 60 minutes is the bottom line. The bottom line doesn't have to be deep. The bottom line is often where strong rebounds occur. The concept of the bottom line is that EMA support and indicators work at the same time. Indicators have a passivation process, and the 60 minutes to go out of the bull will have a three-day time average.
4、 Escape from the top and copy the bottom
The KDJ index of the day, week and month of the three lines to the bottom (monthly J value is 0.58; weekly J value is long-term bottom passivation.)
Three lines to the top: (monthly J value innovation high school; week J value has been continuously high passivation for five weeks) day, week, month KDJ index, in which J value reaches the top at the same time, is also the signal of midline turn. You can reduce the position in batches
5、 Tools
(1) The left side holds shares and the right side holds coins
Quilt cover people are in the left side of the high point of purchase, and too late to ship at the highest point and bring goods into the right side. Because the high point on the left side must be the most crazy time in the market, and it is the most difficult for people to restrain their desire to enter the market when the market is at its peak. At the end of the right side, long-term bear market thinking makes it difficult for you to enter the market. This is the mentality of ordinary people.
(2) Set 5, 8, 13, 21, 30, 55, 70 according to the golden section value

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