What is the Gann hexagon? What are the five elements of Gann?

Gann school belongs to a relatively long school in the stock market. Let's talk about it. What is the Gann hexagon? What are the five elements of Gann?

Gann hexagon
The Gann spiral square divides the market cycle into eight equal parts, while the Gann hexagon divides the market cycle into six equal parts, which is a figure between the four squares of the Gann spiral and the middle wheel of the Gann wheel. The Gann hexagon divides the 360 degree circle into six equal parts, each part of which is 60 degrees, and unfolds in a counter clockwise spiral until infinity.
The first cycle: 1 ~ 6, the number increases by 6;
The second cycle: 7 ~ 18, the number increases by 12;
。 ..。 ..
The ninth cycle: 217 ~ 330, the number increased by 54;
The tenth cycle: 331 ~ 396, the number increased by 60. ,
The numbers in the hexagon represent the price of the market. When the price in the market reaches an important angle line of the Gann hexagon, there will be support or resistance, such as 0 degree and 180 degree.
We can use the Gann hexagon to find the turning point of the price and effectively grasp the opportunity of buying and selling.
Five elements of GANN
I can't say more about acquiring knowledge. You can't acquire knowledge without spending time researching. You must give up trying to find a shortcut to make money in the stock market. When you spend time learning to acquire knowledge, you will find it easy to make money. The more time you spend on acquiring knowledge, the more money you make later. Knowledge won't be enough, you have to apply it to benefit from it, apply it, act and trade at the right time to make a profit.
2 patience
This is one of the most important qualifications for success in the stock market. First of all, you have to be patient and wait for the exact buy or sell point and decide to enter the market when the opportunity comes. When you trade, you have to wait patiently for an opportunity to leave the market in time to make a profit. You have to decide before you close the deal to make a profit that the trend really has changed. This is the only result of a study of past market changes. Get the right knowledge from it.
3 inspiration
A man can get the best gun in the world, but he has no inspiration to pull the trigger. He can't kill any enemy. You can get all the knowledge in the world, but you can't make a profit without the inspiration to buy or sell. Knowledge inspires him to take action at the right time.
4 health
Unless this person is healthy, it is impossible to achieve great success in any business. Because a wise heart cannot work in a weak body. If your health is impaired, you won't have enough patience or inspiration. When you are in poor health, you become dependent, you lose hope, you have too much fear, you cannot take action at the right time.
I've done all the deals in those years, and anything that might happen in the future has happened to me, and I've learned from experience. When I'm in poor health, I'm tired of trading and always fail, but when I'm energetic, I get into the market at the right time and succeed. If you are in poor health, the most important thing is to get you back to your best health. Health makes you rich.
5 funding
When you have all the qualifications to succeed in a stock exchange, you have to have money. But if you have the knowledge or patience, you can start to make big profits with a small amount of money. It is recommended that you use stop loss positions: reduce losses and avoid overdraft transactions.
Remember never to deviate from the trend. When you decide the market trend, follow it. Follow the rules to determine trends. Don't trade with guesswork and hope.

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