What gold is au750?

Meimei's female friends believe that they have found that when buying jewelry, they often hear the sales consultant talking about au750. What gold is au750? How much is a gram of au750? This article discusses with you.

1、 What gold is au750
With the development of economy, the level of consumption is increasing. Luxury consumer goods like gold are no longer the imagination of consumers. When many consumers explore the gold and jewelry market, they will always have a lot of questions. After all, au750 belongs to rare goods, which is definitely different from other consumer goods in the market. Many of the products marked with gold 750 have a lot of problems, which are similar to those of gold 750? If you observe carefully or are good at discovering, you will notice that in fact, au750 is what we usually call 18 K gold.

It is well known that au750 gold is an alloy made of 75% gold and 25% other metals, usually marked with au750 or g18k. Because of the addition of other metals, the composition of 25% of other metals is different, so 18K gold has different colors. For example, 18k rose gold is a red rose gold fused with 25% copper, zinc and other metals. Therefore, the hardness and toughness of 18K gold are better than that of gold, and the appearance of common 18K platinum is very similar to that of platinum, so 18K gold is the most commonly used precious metal material to inlay diamonds.

K gold has high hardness, small toughness, high brightness, and is not easy to deform and wear. More articles can be done in the design. There are many styles to choose, but the price is relatively low (compared with platinum). But full gold is too soft to do a more complicated design. K gold mainly focuses on design costs, that is, labor costs. These hidden costs will eventually be reflected in the retail price. In addition, because of its hardness and wear resistance, it can fix the diamond more firmly, unlike full gold, which is easy to deform, so the inlaid jewelry and diamond rings like to use K gold. In Europe, people prefer jewelry made of K-gold. Low-k gold such as 9K and 14k is popular because the design of K-gold jewelry is more exquisite, fashionable and changeable.

2、 How much is au750 per gram
18K gold is not calculated by gram. The whole market is sold on a piece by piece basis for the following reasons.
1. The ratio of 18 K gold raw materials is a very important link in the production of K gold, which can not be done by ordinary people.
2. 18 K gold production needs to go through more than ten processes, including: heat treatment, wire drawing, pressing block, electroplating and other processes.
3. The production of 18K Gold requires many large machines, and the production cost is high, and most of them are imported from abroad.
18 K gold is an alloy of gold and copper, nickel and zinc. The price is three quarters of the recovery price of gold, with the same rise and fall ratio.

The price of 18K gold recovery is determined according to the quality. The quality of 18K gold is 75%, and the recovery price is 75% of the gold recovery price. There won't be the saying on the Internet that K gold is the most valuable and rose gold is not valuable. No matter what color it is, as long as it is 18K, the recycling price will be equal.

I'll share with you today what gold is and how much it costs per gram.

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