How much is palladium per gram? The difference between palladium and platinum

A few years ago, palladium was very popular in the jewelry industry, but it was gradually eliminated by the market because of its low density and oxidation appearance, which was contrary to the original intention of beautiful matching of jewelry. So, how much is palladium per gram? What is the difference between palladium and platinum?

1、 How much is palladium per gram
According to a Reuters survey, palladium's rally is expected to lose momentum in the next few years as buying fades after a record high price. So, how much is palladium per gram? What is the difference between palladium and platinum?
Palladium is expected to average $1039 an ounce in 2018 and $1040 next year, according to a Reuters survey of 28 analysts and traders in April.
Although palladium prices are expected to reach new highs in both years, annual growth is expected to be weak.
”We forecast that palladium demand will moderate in 2018 after two years of strong growth driven by automotive catalyst demand. " Nicholas Snowdon, an analyst at Deutsche Bank, said Although we forecast that the demand for automotive catalytic converters will continue to grow, the rise in prices may lead to a decline in demand from other industries. "
"We expect that 2018 may be the year when palladium prices peak for the foreseeable future as market shortages begin to ease."
Palladium hit an intraday record high of $1138 an ounce in January.

2、 The difference between palladium and platinum
1. Different quality
Platinum labeled Pt
It has high ductility and hard material, and is not easy to wear even if it is rubbed, but platinum is softer than K gold,
Therefore, it is not suitable for inlay.
Palladium labeled PD
Palladium has low ductility, high brittleness and easy to break after wearing for a long time.

2. Different colors
Platinum is a kind of natural white precious metal. It has natural luster and does not change color after wearing for a long time. If there are scratches, please go to our Yintai Center store to polish and have a new look immediately.
Palladium is similar to platinum in appearance, but it is tin white with a little gray in white. It is often polished to keep it as beautiful as new (there is a small loss in the polishing process)

3. Different feel
Although palladium and platinum are similar in appearance, there are obvious differences in density (specific gravity) (at 20 ℃): platinum is 21.45g, palladium is 12.02g, that is to say, platinum is heavier than palladium and palladium is lighter at the same volume; melting point: palladium is about 1550 ℃, and platinum is about 1760 ℃

4. Price difference
Platinum is rare and pure. It takes hundreds of processes to extract platinum from platinum ore. several grams of platinum can be extracted per ton of platinum ore, but palladium is not. Therefore, platinum is twice as expensive as palladium!

5. Platinum and palladium are mainly used for automobile exhaust purification catalysts, but platinum is mostly used for diesel vehicles. Since the diesel vehicle emission scandal in 2015, the market share of diesel vehicles has declined.
How much is palladium per gram, and the difference between palladium and platinum, I would like to share with you today.

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