Why is gold cheap in China? What's the price?

Many people who pay attention to gold will know that China's gold price is relatively cheap. Many people just don't understand this. Why is China's gold price cheap? What's the price? I'll tell you about it.

Why is gold cheap in China? The purity of gold is basically 999 or 9999. The main reason is that Chinese gold is simple in style and different in process complexity, resulting in different processing costs. For example, in some large brand stores, the brand effect is also part of the reason for the high price. That's why China's gold is cheap.

What is the price of gold in China?
At present, the gold prices of different brands are different, generally between 335 yuan and 360 yuan. Unless it is on holidays, it will not fluctuate too much. However, there will be promotional activities in important periods such as October wedding season, Spring Festival or new year's day. The price may be lower, with an average of 300-330 yuan per gram. If you want to buy gold jewelry, you can buy it during the festival. There may be a slight discount in price.

Jewelry of gold price in China
How much is the price of a gold jewelry? This may be a factor that many people are curious about. After all, the finished jewelry is not only judged according to the gold price, but also needs to add some manual costs. Rings are generally small, 4-8g is OK, the price is generally between 1500 yuan and 3000 yuan, and the materials used for necklaces are relatively more. After all, gold necklaces that are too thin are easy to break, generally between 40 million and 100 million yuan. The material of bracelet is also more, 5000 ~ 12000 yuan is a common price. The price of small and delicate style will naturally be lower, while the price of the style with complex and more materials will naturally be higher. We should judge according to the specific situation

Influencing factors of gold price in China
Through the above contents, many people may have known the influencing factors of gold price, which mainly include time, style and modeling, and also have certain relevance with the brand. If it is an international brand, has been established for a long time and has the endorsement of famous stars, then the price will naturally be higher. And some quality-oriented brands may ignore star endorsement and other issues, and the price will be lower. We should pay attention to the analysis of various factors when choosing, different brands have different characteristics, according to their own situation. The international market will also affect the gold price, which is also one of the key factors.

Why is gold cheap in China? What's the price? The answer to the question is in the above, want to know can well understand the above content. Therefore, when we buy gold, we should not only look at the price, but also consider more aspects of the relevant content in order to understand the content of the gold correctly. Here is the introduction of the small editor.

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