Foreign exchange calls single net, why to follow a single loss?

Now there are more and more gold, foreign exchange and crude oil orders, but there are still many customers who are losing money. In fact, have we thought about the reasons?

When you enter a single group, will you find that many people come out to chat, and then the teacher gives a first-hand operation and makes a lot of money. Wechat or QQ number will elevate the teacher's identity, and then boast. If you lose money, you will chat separately, as if nothing happened. This is obvious. Generally, these are to foil the identity of the teacher. (this kind of group is rare now. If there is one, please pay attention to it.)

There is a kind of two-way trading. They usually have two groups: hedging orders, one for rising and the other for falling. As long as there is a guarantee from the source of customers, it is a good guarantee to open customers in this way. (this is a skilled group. If there is one, please pay attention to it.)

There is another group that sends orders all day long. I'm afraid that you don't trade the same. If you can't keep up with the trading, it's your problem. They will say that you've kept up with the loss list, and the profit list is not selected. This is a kind of "single mode" which is particularly disgusting. (single quantity group, win by many)

Foreign exchange orders still have to rely on their own, others call their own best or make a judgment, after all, no one is 100% correct, what we want is the final result, a cycle can make profits, this is the best result.

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