What is the meaning of reverse documentary and what are the benefits of reverse documentary?

Reverse tracking, an exciting and mysterious word. What is reverse merchandising? As the name suggests, reverse merchandising refers to trading with investors in reverse. Reverse merchandising is made by private individuals, and the income depends entirely on the trading situation of the target account. In financial market transactions, when investors speculate, most people will lose money due to various factors, and a small number of people will make profits.

What does reverse merchandising mean?
Reverse documentary is to trade the financial products of the exchange on the contrary. These financial products must have short trading mechanism. Most of the financial products with short mechanism in China are in the futures market. The best trading products are stock index futures products of China Financial Futures Exchange, with low service charge, low point difference, large point value, fluctuating market trend and participation The main reference factor of reverse merchandising. At present, due to many products, scattered participants, too large main weight, small capital plate, unfavorable floating space and other factors, reverse documentary will appear in the process of application. Many people do not do a good job in a certain link of the whole project chain, or even can not see the essence of the futures market, so they apply it to commodity futures blindly and ignorant Some of the reverse traders failed. Of course, after eliminating the unfavorable factors and improving them, the profitability of the experienced ones is more obvious. More and more people apply reverse tracking to international financial products, such as Singapore A50 (similar to domestic stock index), Hong Kong Hang Seng Index, US crude oil, gold, foreign exchange and other products. Therefore, it is concluded that the application of reverse documentary is very extensive, as long as there is a long short mechanism in the world Financial products appear, then reverse documentary has its living space.

What are the benefits of reverse merchandising?

Because reverse merchandising takes advantage of retail investors' greed and fear. Using computer system to collect and extract investor loss data, through scientific management and data purification. Then, through the reverse documentary system, we can bind our accounts to the accounts of these loss makers in real time. These losers buy up, we buy down; these losers buy down, we buy up. Because the objects we will carry out reverse tracking are all traders screened by the rule of big data, who are lack of trading experience and easy to lose money. So go against these people, they lose money, we make money.

Reverse merchandising must follow the law of 28. There is a long short trading system for products traded in futures, foreign exchange, precious metals and other markets. Through the use of computer software to obtain the trading data of long short operation of investors, it is necessary to conduct transactions in the opposite direction, that is, the more losses the investors make in trading, the more profits they will gain from reverse trading.

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