Regular ranking of Hong Kong foreign exchange platforms in 2018

What are the foreign exchange trading platforms in Hong Kong? As an international financial center, Hong Kong has a developed foreign exchange market. Here we bring you the latest ranking of diplomatic trading platforms, and provide professional and reliable financial services for global investors, covering foreign exchange market, financial derivatives market, stock market, bond market, etc. interested friends can come to learn about it. An excellent foreign exchange platform needs a strong company as the backing, and accept the supervision and management of regular institutions. Here we have sorted out the ranking of Hong Kong's foreign exchange trading platforms on the Internet, so that the majority of investors can conduct foreign exchange transactions more conveniently.

Top 10 foreign exchange platforms in Hong Kong

1. Jinrong China Financial Industry Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 084 trading software: MT4 trading platform

2. Guosheng Gold Industry Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 015 trading software: MT4 trading platform

3. Mt025 No. 4 trading platform

4. Kingway Precious Metals Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 074 trading software: GST trading platform

5. Hong Kong Cathay Pacific gold Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 096 trading software: MT4 trading platform

6. First Asia Merchants gold and silver Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 114 trading software: MT4 trading platform

7. Lingfeng precious metal Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 145 trading software: MT4 trading platform

8. Dingzhan Gold Industry Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 159 trading software: MT4 trading platform

9. Henda gold and Silver Investment Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 163 trading software: MT4 trading platform

10. Hengxin precious metal Co., Ltd. clerk No.: 210 trading software:

Hx-gts2 trading platform formal foreign exchange platform should have the following characteristics:

First: formal security, formality and security have always been the first criteria for choosing a platform. Only with the approval of formal regulatory agencies, can formal development and legal investment be made. Formal platforms in this area include FXDD, FXCM Fuhui, KVB Kunlun international, hy industrial, nordfx Nord, Oufu market and other large foreign exchange trading platforms.

Second, high quality platform services. All investors start from novices. High quality platform services can help new people master foreign exchange trading skills faster. They are willing to spend time and energy to cultivate new people's platform, so as to obtain better development.

Third, the relevant elements of trading profit mainly include: leverage, spread, platform stability, and lottery activities.

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