How long can the telegraphic transfer arrive? What is the difference between telegraphic transfer and transfer?

In the past, if you need to carry out capital transactions, most of them were conducted by bank transfer. Later, with the popularity of wire transfer, more and more people began to choose the method of wire transfer for capital transaction. Wire transfer means that the payer deposits a certain amount of money in the remittance bank, and then the remitting bank sends it to the branch or agent bank of the destination (the receiving bank) by telegram or telephone, Compared with transfer, telegraphic transfer is more convenient and fast. However, many people will worry about how long it will take for the wire transfer to arrive at the account. Let's take a look at the time when the wire transfer arrives.

How long can the telegraphic transfer arrive
How long does the telegraphic transfer usually arrive? First of all, we should know that the wire transfer is divided into large amount transfer and small amount transfer. The transfer amount of less than 20000 yuan is called large amount. The transfer amount of large amount transfer direct connection mode is instant payment, but if it is indirect mode, it may take a longer time. Small amount transfer has a fixed time to settle accounts every day. Generally, it can arrive in the afternoon of the day of transfer.

The difference between wire transfer and transfer
The transfer to a private account usually takes less than five minutes to transfer to a private account. If the telegraphic transfer is a corporate business, the transfer rule is within 24 hours in case of emergency.

However, if both sides of the transfer belong to the first level sub branch, the account can be received within two hours. If one side is a secondary branch, it needs to be delayed for two hours. If the transfer bank belongs to the institutions below the sub branch, the time will be longer, but it will not exceed 24 hours.

Differences between wire transfer and transfer:
1. Wire transfer and transfer are different ways. Telegraphic transfer is a method of remittance in which the remitter deposits a certain amount of money in the remitting bank, and the remitting Bank instructs the remitting bank to pay a certain amount of money to the payee by telegraph or telex. Transfer is a kind of bank currency settlement method, which does not use cash directly, but transfers money from payment account to collection account through bank.
2. The settlement method is different. Telegraphic transfer is the method of exchange settlement, and transfer is a kind of bank currency settlement method of currency receipt and payment. In addition, the two types of application are different. The telegraphic transfer business is mainly used for the payment of relevant funds by units to individuals in different places. In addition, it can also be applied to the relevant funds paid by individuals to units in other places. When the settlement amount is large and the space distance is far, the transfer settlement can be safer.

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