What are the advantages of foreign exchange crude oil investment?

Nowadays, many investors choose to invest in foreign crude oil. What are the specific advantages of foreign exchange crude oil investment? Let's introduce it to you. If you are interested, don't miss it!

First, foreign exchange crude oil relatively flexible trading mode, so that your funds get a high utilization rate;
Chinese investors are most familiar with the capital market. Undoubtedly, stocks are the trading varieties. For the domestic stock market, people can't help but feel a pity to give up. Since 2009, A-share has been in the track of bear market. Combined with the unique unilateral trading mode of A-share (only buying and rising), investors have few opportunities to enter the market and increase the investment wind However, foreign exchange crude oil investment is a two-way trading mode, which can be bought up or down. The biggest advantage of foreign exchange crude oil investment relative to stocks is the efficiency of capital utilization. Foreign exchange crude oil investment adopts margin trading, which improves the efficiency of capital utilization compared with the full trading of stocks. The unique T + 1 trading mechanism of China's stock market makes stocks The operation is very difficult and inflexible. The T + 0 trading mechanism of foreign exchange crude oil investment can be traded at any time, which is convenient to grasp the market price and avoid risks at any time, and has strong operational flexibility.

Second, compared with futures, it has perfect market mechanism and flexible trading time;
Compared with the futures investment which is closely related to foreign exchange crude oil investment, the domestic futures investment mainly focuses on the futures contracts of agricultural products and industrial raw materials. Agricultural products investment is greatly affected by the seasonality, and the trading continuity is insufficient. However, foreign exchange crude oil belongs to the international currency exchange and energy trading variety, and the trading is active and continuous. Moreover, the domestic futures investment is heavily manipulated, However, there is no group control over the huge amount of foreign exchange crude oil investment. Therefore, the market trend of foreign exchange crude oil investment is more reasonable and easy to grasp. The futures trading time is mainly concentrated in daytime working hours, and the trading of foreign exchange crude oil investment is mainly concentrated in European and American countries Its active trading time mainly concentrated in 8 to 11 p.m., a good staggered working hours, easy to focus on Kanpan operation.

Third, compared with the fund, it is small, broad and flexible;
Fund is to give money to others for financial management, can not control by themselves; spot foreign exchange crude oil investment can be completely controlled by themselves; if it is a stock fund and the market is up and down, while spot foreign exchange crude oil is quoted by the international market, and has no great connection with the stock market; at the same time, the fund has low returns, poor liquidity, poor liquidity, long investment cycle; and the foreign exchange crude oil market changes Fast conversion, high income, in working hours, at any time in and out of the money more flexible. And the fund has no leverage trading, and the utilization rate of funds is low, while the spot foreign exchange crude oil is formed by leverage trading to fight against the big with small.

Fourth, compared with real estate, it has a larger investment profit space, lower threshold and faster investment recovery cycle.
The investment in foreign exchange crude oil is compared with the real estate industry which has the largest investment income in the past few years. The real estate industry started a good investment market in 2006. However, the investment fever of the various government restricted market has been reduced, and the bubble is bigger and potential risks. Secondly, the investment threshold of the real estate industry is higher than ordinary retail investors. What investors can get involved in is that the payback period of real estate investment is longer, and the return of capital is slow. However, the price of foreign exchange crude oil fluctuates greatly. With its two-way trading mode, there are more investment opportunities, and the use of margin trading, the threshold is low, which meets the investment demand of small and medium-sized investment, the investment return cycle is shorter, and the capital is more flexible with the input and output.

According to the analysis of Xiaobian, we can see that the advantages of foreign exchange crude oil investment are obvious. Investors can invest rationally according to their own situation. More relevant knowledge is available on our official website. Welcome to the community to learn about it~

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