What is the difference between foreign exchange and crude oil?

Foreign exchange and crude oil are trading more flexible investment methods, but there are also great differences between the two. I have sorted out five aspects, you can learn about it together if you are interested~

1、 Different types of transactions.
There are only two kinds of crude oil trading for investors, namely British crude oil and American crude oil, and their trend is similar.

2、 Different holding time.
Foreign exchange trading belongs to spot trading. Investors can hold foreign exchange trading positions indefinitely as long as they want.
Crude oil trading belongs to futures trading products, with a specific delivery date. After reaching the delivery date, the position must be closed, otherwise it will be forced to close.

3、 The fluctuation range is different.
Crude oil is usually more volatile than foreign exchange products. Crude oil is very sensitive to the influence of political, economic and crude oil inventory and other factors, often see a large K line, and foreign exchange is more stable than crude oil.

4、 The regularity is different.
Strictly speaking, the regularity of foreign exchange is more than that of crude oil, and it is easier to grasp these laws and make profits. And the rule of crude oil trading is not as strong as foreign exchange, and it is not easy to grasp.

5、 The leverage ratio is different.
The leverage ratio of spot crude oil is 1:12.5, while that of foreign exchange is 1:100.

The above is about the difference between foreign exchange and crude oil, I believe you have been able to better distinguish foreign exchange and crude oil. More relevant knowledge is available on our official website. Welcome to further study in the community~

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