What are the trading methods of crude oil?

In addition to trading products, it can also trade products such as energy. Crude oil is the third largest trading product besides foreign exchange and gold.

Fuhui crude oil is a highly leveraged trading mode. The leverage of Fuhui is as high as 200 times, and the spread is floating, usually floating at 4 points. Fu Min can trade one contract crude oil product, and the margin is about 12 US dollars.

Advantages of Fuhui crude oil
1. The minimum trading unit is less, and the lowest crude oil can be traded in one contract, so as to attract more investors to trade crude oil.
2. The transaction cost is low. The crude oil of a contract only needs about 0.4 point difference, and there is no other service charge.
3. Higher leverage, crude oil leverage as high as 200 times, giving customers more opportunities to be small and broad.

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