What are the characteristics of the most formal foreign exchange trading platform?

We often say that speculation in foreign exchange should choose a formal foreign exchange trading platform. What are the characteristics of the most formal foreign exchange trading platform? Quickly follow the pace of small make-up to understand and understand it~

1、 Regulation
Supervision is a key to test the security, legality and compliance of foreign exchange trading platform, which is always subject to the most stringent supervision. Internationally recognized regulators are the financial services regulatory authority (FSA), the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the American Futures Association (NFA), and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). All safe foreign exchange trading platforms are basically subject to the supervision of the above-mentioned four regulatory agencies, and many unsafe platforms can be avoided by this alone.

2、 Word of mouth
Word of mouth is an important indicator to measure whether a foreign exchange trading platform is safe or not, and the word-of-mouth of a safe trading platform is usually good. In the Internet age, it's not difficult to search for a platform's advantages and disadvantages. If you find some comments such as serious slippage, closing positions, and not being able to make money, you must be careful. Nine out of ten, you will encounter a black platform. And if you search a foreign exchange trading platform and find no negative information for a long time (such as 3-5 years, or even 10 years), then this platform is absolutely reliable.

3、 Funds
Capital refers to the customer's money in and out. At present, the foreign exchange margin trading business has not been opened up in China. Therefore, customers usually remit money into foreign countries, and RMB should be converted into US dollars. The funds have been lying in China, which must not be a safe foreign exchange trading platform. Cash in is not the most important, and cash out is the most important thing. Whether the profit or loss can be made in time according to the wishes of customers is the key to identify the authenticity of the platform. A secure foreign exchange trading platform can usually withdraw money within one week from the date of application. If a foreign exchange trading platform requires funds to be remitted overseas and provide a US dollar trading account, which can facilitate the timely withdrawal of funds, then the fund is safe.

4、 Terminal
The terminal is the trading software provided by the platform. The safe operation of the foreign exchange trading platform is always handy, and there is no frequent stuck. Especially in the case of large market, the quotation can keep up with the international inter-bank market price. If your foreign exchange trading platform is always stuck inexplicably, especially before the non-agricultural and central bank's decision-making and other super markets, it is basically impossible to place orders, close positions and operate, then you should consider whether you have encountered a black platform. The safe foreign exchange trading platform has a good risk control system, and is very concerned about the customer's trading experience. The platform will respond with the fastest speed for each order of the customer, or drop it into the inter-bank trading market.

5、 Customer service
Customer service refers to Chinese customer service. If you encounter problems, you can communicate in Chinese, which can greatly improve the communication efficiency and make it easier to solve problems. If a foreign exchange trading platform can set up an office in China, it will be more conducive to serving domestic investors, and it will be safer in comparison. Face to face communication will certainly build a sense of trust more than online communication. A safe foreign exchange trading platform usually has a friendly, professional and patient customer service team. If a platform's customer service has problems such as slow response speed and inconsistency, it will expose the security risks from the side.

The above is about the characteristics of the most formal foreign exchange trading platform. More relevant financial knowledge will be presented on our official website. If you have any questions, you can go to the community for further understanding~~

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