What is the difference between foreign exchange documentary and call order?

For novice friends, foreign exchange documentary and foreign exchange order is two unfamiliar terms, so what is foreign exchange documentary and shouting order? What is the difference between foreign exchange documentary and bidding? Let's have a look today.

Foreign exchange orders are issued by experienced or profitable foreign exchange investors, especially professional analysts and individual investors. Traders can take the content of the order as their reference. Automatic tracking can be said to be the "upgraded version" of the traditional order. Automatic tracking is to automatically follow the trading signals of some foreign exchange investors with good trading profitability through some documentary platform system.

The advantages and disadvantages of foreign exchange documentary and bidding:
The advantage of foreign currency documentary is that as long as you follow the order, the following things are basically done by others, and the documentary system will help you to implement it. It will save you a lot of trouble. If you want to order, the analyst will just give you advice. In terms of operation, you should open MT4 yourself or other software. You should operate by yourself.

Main groups of merchandisers
Some traders don't have enough time to trade, others don't have enough confidence or knowledge to make orders in this market.

Types of documentary platforms
At present, there are mainly two kinds of merchandising mode in the market, one is non same platform documentary, the other is same platform documentary.

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