Foreign exchange novice should how to deal with the single, what need to pay attention to?

Foreign exchange novice in the choice of entry, generally will be very confused, do not know how to do, so today's small editor to introduce to you, foreign exchange novice how to deal with the single.

Choose a reliable tutor
As a merchandiser, novices have limited knowledge of foreign exchange. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reliable "leader", that is, to choose a reliable documentary tutor. Mainly to see whether the tutor's foreign exchange platform is formal, tutor's word-of-mouth and accuracy rate of taking a single. From the perspective of several important standards, choose the right teacher.

Know your order
What we mean here is not only what kind of products are traded, when to buy, whether to buy up or down. What's more important is to understand why the tutor should operate like this and what judgment basis is there. These are the real valuable things.

Develop risk awareness
Most of them have a strong sense of risk. They will make their own trading plans and prepare for the worst before taking orders. However, many beginners do not have this awareness. They just want to make more money from the process of merchandising. They often use high-risk methods to follow orders. Finally, the teachers make money and the merchandisers lose money We should pay special attention to the risk and learn to stop loss.

Documentary summary
Foreign exchange novice merchandising is not just a matter of making money, but also need to sum up what they have learned in the process of documentary, what trading rules and analysis skills they have mastered. Only in this way can they gradually get out of the novice market and become a trading expert. If we don't make a good summary, we just follow the order blindly, and we can't give full play to the effect of documentary.

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