Strategy in foreign exchange documentary

There are many strategies for foreign exchange documentary, one of which is Martin strategy. So what is Martin strategy? What is its operation method? Today, I'd like to take you to know about it.

Martin, for short, Martin. Transaction modes can be divided into dynamic trading, automatic trading and semi-automatic (hybrid) trading. Semi automatic means placing orders manually at the front and letting EA run automatically. Due to the development of computer technology, at present, more than 80% of the global transactions may be completed by EA automatic transactions, and more than 60% of the strategies in automatic trading may have Martin's factor in them. The basic principle of Martin's strategy is that in a two-sided market where you can buy up and down, you can only bet on one side. If you do the opposite, you will continue to increase the price in the opposite direction. Until the market correction, all the previous losses are covered. The martingale method is probably the most famous strategy in the casino gaming system. You start with a unit bet, double your bet after each loss, and return to one unit after any win. The advantage and temptation of martingale's method is to double the size after each loss, so the next time you win, you can always win back all the previous losses, plus a unit of bet (which can be calculated on paper). However, when a series of losses occur, the scale of the bet increases rapidly, and you may be bankrupt before you win. In order to avoid the successful use of this strategy by well funded gamblers, all casinos set limits on the maximum bet.

One of the core of Martin's strategy is that if it goes against the trend, it will continue to increase its position. If it goes with the trend, it will make a profit directly. In this way, we can actually use a fixed number of hands to follow backward. If there is no time to stare at the disk, we can directly set it like this. The first order of a trading star is profitable. If it is 10 points and 20 points, he will make a profit directly. The first list is a very small one. Even if we follow the opposite direction, the loss of a very small order will be just a little bit. When he increases his position against the trend, we will use a fixed number of hands to reverse the trend. As a trading star, he has been increasing against the trend, and his position is one Straight in the state of floating loss, and we follow the reverse, our position has always been a profitable State, for our account is actually relatively favorable. Even after the market rebounds, the trading star is relying on the last one or two large orders and a little bit of profit to cover the floating loss of the previous batch of small orders. As long as he has a little profit, he will be totally closed. Because we have a fixed number of hands, although the last one or two orders lost money due to the callback, the first batch of orders in front of us are still profitable. If all of them go away, we are profitable, which means that we are adding positions to the trend list. If the callback goes away, it means that the trend has come to an end and a trend strategy has been made from one side.

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