What does foreign exchange mean to make short and what is the difference between doing long short?

We often hear the idea of short short in the future trading. In fact, it involves short trading. However, many people don't know what it means to make short in foreign exchange. Here is a small part of the article to introduce what foreign exchange makes short. Investors who are not clear can understand it.

What does foreign exchange mean to make long short
Do more refers to the multi warehouse can also be called Lido, also known as multi warehouse. Buying a certain currency is bullish, short refers to selling positions, or short, selling a certain currency. It is common for investors to make long and short in the foreign exchange market. Because foreign exchange investment is mainly speculative, it is very important to grasp the long-term short-term.

What is the difference between long and short of foreign exchange
Long and short are relative. In stock market, long and short positions generally call investors holding foreign exchange as long ones, while those who don't hold foreign exchange temporarily are called short positions. This often calls the buyer of foreign exchange as long as the short selling.
1. If you do more, you can see a certain currency in the foreign exchange market bullish; short for short is a short, and a short for a certain currency in the foreign exchange market.
2. The positions with long positions are multi positions, with more currency; short positions are short positions or short positions, with less goods or no currency.
3. Long investors are more willing to buy money to increase their holdings of capital, short investors are more willing to sell the currency, and pay or stop losses in time.

I will talk to you about the meaning of short and long term foreign exchange. In general, they are still very well understood. It is also necessary to master these basic knowledge in order to be super good at foreign exchange. If you have any other questions or want to know more about investment, please consult our online customer service at any time.

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