What does the exchange rate mean, how much RMB is 160000 euros equal to?

Exchange rate is a matter of concern to many investors, because the exchange rate can cause many problems. So today, I will introduce you the situation of exchange rate and the amount of RMB that 160000 Euros can exchange.

Introduction to exchange rate
Exchange rate is also called foreign exchange rate, foreign exchange rate or foreign exchange market, which refers to a certain ratio between two currencies, and can also be regarded as the value of one country's currency to another. Specifically, it refers to the ratio or price ratio between one country's currency and another currency or the price of another currency expressed in one country's currency. The exchange rate change has a direct regulatory effect on the import and export trade of a country. Under certain conditions, the exchange rate will decrease by devaluing its own currency, which will promote export and restrict import. Otherwise, if the domestic currency appreciates, that is, the exchange rate rises, it will play the role of restricting export and increasing import.

1. The rise and fall of foreign exchange market will have an impact on import and export trade, economic structure, production layout, etc. Exchange rate can be said to be the most important lever in international trade. The decline of exchange rate can promote export and restrain import.

Latest situation of 160000 euros for RMB
160000 euros = RMB 1259456.

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